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Standard BCSI – 1: Students will identify computer system components.

2 Mouse Input device

3 CD-R disk The R stands for recordable.

4 Software Also called programs or applications

5 Digital camera Input device

6 Monitor Most often used output device

7 CD-ROM and DVD discs These disks can only be read.

8 Scanner Scans paper or pictures and the image is inputted (sent) to the computer.

9 Mouse Every movement and click inputs (sends) instructions to the computer.

10 CD-RW disk The RW stands for rewritable.

11 Hard drive The size of a hard drive is measured in gigabytes such as 250GB.

12 Modem Some modems are wireless

13 Printer Output device

14 CD-ROM and DVD discs A user cannot save information to it.

15 Output device Computer hardware that gives a user information from a computer.

16 RAM Working memory of a computer that is erased or cleared when the computer is turned off.

17 Keyboard Most often used input device

18 USB Flash Drive Device commonly used to store computer files.

19 Scanner Input device

20 Modem DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line

21 Digital camera Photos on the camera are inputted (sent) into the computer

22 Operating system Software that controls the basic operations of a computer. Macintosh OS

23 Speakers Output device

24 CD-ROM disk The ROM stands for Read Only Memory.

25 Input device Computer hardware that sends information to a computer.

26 Modem Allows a computer to talk to another computer.

27 Hard drive Permanent storage device inside the computer

28 CD-RW disk A user can save information on it over and over.

29 Processor Small circuit board that controls all of the work done by a computer.

30 Hardware Physical parts of a computer that you can touch with your hands.

31 Processor Also called the CPU, central processing unit.

32 Hard drive Stores the operating system, application software and everything else.

33 RAM Computer’s temporary memory

34 Software Programs that give instructions to a computer.

35 Printer Outputs (prints) a copy of what is on the monitor

36 Speakers Outputs sounds from the computer

37 Application software Programs that help a user perform tasks on a computer

38 CD-R and DVD-R discs A user can save information on it only one time.

39 Monitor Words and pictures are outputted (displayed) on the screen.

40 Modem Input and output device

41 RAM Stands for Random Access Memory

42 Printer There are two types: laser and inkjet.

43 Keyboard When each key is pressed it inputs (sends) instructions into the computer.


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