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What is Information Technology?

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1 What is Information Technology?
Technology that enables information to be used to produce products and services.

2 What Is A Computer? An electronic device that receives data, processes data, stores data, and produces a result (output).

3 Information Processing Cycle
Input Device CPU Output Device Storage

4 Hardware-Physical Parts of the computer

5 Hardware, Hardware Modem- connects your computer to the Internet
CPU- Central Processing Unit is the brain of your computer. The Brain!!!!!!!

6 Input, Output, & Storage Devices
Input device: hardware that allows you to communicate with your computer. Output device: hardware that allows your computer to communicate with the user Storage device: allows you to store or retrieve information

7 Computer Input Devices
Touch Screen Bar Code Reader Scanner Microphone Graphics Tablet Digital Cameras Keyboard Mouse Trackball Joystick Light Pen Pointing Stick Touchpad

8 Computer Output Devices
Monitor: screen that displays information such as text, numbers, and pictures. Softcopy Printer: gives you information from the computer in printed form. Hardcopy Speakers: allow you to hear voice, music, and other sounds from your computer.

9 STORAGE Besides saving to the hard drive, here are some other ways to save: 1. CD-ROM (Compact Disk- Read Only Memory) /2 “ Floppy Disk (“A” Drive) 3. External Storage ( Flash Drive, Memory Stick, etc.)

10 Memory ROM- Read Only Memory RAM- Random Access Memory
(Temporary or working memory) One unit of computer memory is called a “byte”.

11 Units of Memory 1 byte stores one character of data 1
1000 bytes is a kilobyte 1000 1 million bytes is a megabyte 1,000,000 1 billion bytes is a gigabyte 1,000,000,000

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