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Leaders of the Age of Reason Mr. Ornstein Willow Canyon High School.

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1 Leaders of the Age of Reason Mr. Ornstein Willow Canyon High School

2 Answer: Why is the Enlightenment also called the Age of Reason? What were the main ideas of Thomas Hobbes? What was the old idea about government before the Intellectual Revolution?

3 Enlightenment and American Government Many Ideas and Principles in the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence come from the Enlightenment.

4 Influence of the Scientific Revolution on the Enlightenment Enlightenment Philosophers attempt to Apply the Lessons of the Scientific Revolution to People during the Age of Reason. Laws of Nature

5 Thomas Hobbes Writes Leviathan People are Naturally Bad. People should give up freedoms in exchange for Protection from Strong Ruler.

6 John Locke English Writes Two Treaties of Government Opposite of Hobbes

7 Locke not Lox

8 Ideas of John Locke All People are Born with Natural Rights Life, Liberty, and Property

9 More of Locke Government gets its power from the People Government is to protect Natural Rights of Citizens People Can Overthrow a Government that Fails to Protect Natural Rights

10 Plagiarism??? Does Idea of Life, Liberty, and Property Sound Familiar?

11 Thomas Jefferson and John Locke Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness Declaration of Independence is Influenced by Locke

12 Answer???? How were the Ideas of Locke Different from the Ideas of Hobbes?

13 Baron de Montesquieu French Spirit of the Laws Direct Influence on the US Constitution

14 Separation of Powers Divide Power of Government into Three Branches Legislative Judicial Executive

15 Legislative Branch Makes Laws

16 Judicial Branch Interprets the Law

17 The Executive Branch Enforces the Law Ex. President or Governor

18 Voltaire French “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it. ”

19 Voltaire Freedom of Speech Freedom of Religion

20 Mary Wollstonecraft Increased Rights for Women More Education for Women Women Should Participate in Government

21 Jean Jacques Rousseau People are Naturally Good The Social Contract “General Will”- the interest of the community is more important than individual interest

22 General Will NOT Free Willy

23 Declaration of Independence Written by Jefferson Influenced by Locke People have the right to replace a government that fails to protect natural rights. If government fails to protect Natural Rights people have the right to rebel.

24 Answer: What are natural rights? What ideas from the Enlightenment are part of the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence? What issues was Mary Wollstonecraft interested in?

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