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Cardiff University Energy Research and UKERC Cardiff University Energy Seminar 8 February 2006 Prof Jim Skea, UKERC Research Director.

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1 Cardiff University Energy Research and UKERC Cardiff University Energy Seminar 8 February 2006 Prof Jim Skea, UKERC Research Director

2 UKERC – KEY FEATURES Established in late 2004 following a recommendation from the Chief Scientific Adviser: diagnosis – UK energy research had declined and become fragmented solution – a new Centre with its own whole system research programme and the task of networking other UK activities. an interdisciplinary Centre established by three research councils – Engineering and Physical Sciences; Natural Environment; Economic and Social a distributed centre involving a collaboration between eight universities/research institutes headquarters at Imperial College

3 UKERC RESEARCH AND NETWORKING Thematically organised Vertical themes demand reduction (Oxford) future sources of energy (Edinburgh) infrastructure and supply (Manchester) Cross-cutting themes systems and modelling (PSI) environmental sustainability (CEH, Lancaster) Materials (Imperial College)

4 CENTRE FUNCTIONS Research Atlas (landscape, roadmaps) Technology and Policy Assessment The Meeting Place – research hotel function International engagement Training (summer school, interdisciplinary studentships)

5 UKERC GOVERNANCE Supervisory Board: accountability to the research councils Advisory Board: appointed by UKERC – strategic advice on positioning and priorities Directors Committee: management group Theme/function meetings: vary in form, fit for purpose

6 UKERC IN CONTEXT Energy Research Partnership – public-private partnership co-chaired by Chief Scientific Adviser, EON.UK CEO Research Councils Energy Programme (RCEP) -funding to rise to £70m pa led by EPSRC EPSRC SUPERGEN Initiative : Marine energy; Photovoltaic materials; Excitonic solar cells Biomass Future network technologies; Highly distributed power systems; Energy storage Hydrogen; Fuel cells power plant lifetime extension NERC Towards a Sustainable Energy Economy Programme Keeping the nuclear option open Carbon capture and storage Bio-energy Social science – lifestyle and energy; market regulation; scenarios and transitions Fusion Programme

7 UKERC TIMELINE April 2004 – Research Director Designate appointed June 2004 – UKERC work programme accepted October 2004 – award issued November 2004 – Executive Director appointed April 2005 – HQ gets final offices, most staff in place June/July 2005 – first Advisory Board meeting, first Supervisory Board, first Assembly March 2006 – first research outputs April 2006 – first version of research atlas September 2006 – light touch review October 2007 – work starts on Phase II options April 2009 – end of Phase I contract

8 GENERAL OVERVIEW OF PROGRESS (1) Research Themes started at different speeds, but now all fully up and running Recruitment of staff and settling contracts a key factor Themes have different characters Networking Must be sure to add value to other initiatives Networking activity started in some themes – Demand Reduction, Futures Sources of Energy, Systems and Modelling The National Energy Research Network will be launched 1 st half 2006 The Network (process) and the Research Atlas (product) are closely linked

9 GENERAL OVERVIEW OF PROGRESS (2) Technology and Policy Assessment First study (intermittency/renewables) almost complete Second study (rebound effect) under way Training: studentships awarded, first Summer School held Meeting place: series of events (national and international) Research Atlas: information currently being collected Communications: internal and external getting into gear

10 EARLY SUCCESSES International G8 Energy Research and Innovation Workshop, May 2005 Engagement in IEA work: ETSAP, Ad-hoc Group on Science and Energy Technologies Will organise major IEA workshop on materials for energy in 2007 Recognition as key contact point for links into UK energy research S&T counsellors – London and overseas Bilaterals: Canada, Italy, France, Brazil, Japan, South Africa, US, China HMG Links Membership of Energy Research Partnership Regular contact – DTI, DEFRA, Carbon trust etc Research Community Plugging UK researchers into international activities Joining up - successful cross-consortium SUPERGEN meeting

11 WORK IN PROGRESS developing a Centre culture realising the whole system integrated research concept Meeting Place: realising the research hotel concept lots of little networks – but creating the Network more work on regional/business engagement

12 CARDIFF AND EPSRC ENERGY RESEARCH Last years figures for EPSRC funding: 20 th ranking in terms of value of awards held 1.1% of non-fusion funds (cf Strathclyde 10%+) Electrical Motor and Drive Systems – ranked 4 th, 10% of funds Electromagnetics – ranked 9 th, 3% of funds

13 THE EMERGING UK AGENDA Target of £70m annual spend on energy R&D by 2007-8 from £40m base HM Treasury identifies energy/climate as one of five strategic challenges: Increasing pressures on natural resources and global climate from rapid economic and population growth in the developing world and sustained demand for fossil fuels in advanced economies.. Research Councils and others gearing up for zero- baseline Comprehensive Spending Review 2007 – bids that address the challenges will be received warmly

14 CHALLENGES FOR UNIVERSITIES swinging academics whose work is energy- relevant, but not necessarily energy-driven, behind the new agenda meeting the whole-system, interdisciplinary research challenge by: creating effective internal mechanisms encouraging academics to be more disposed towards whole-systems approaches (against significant countervailing pressures) competing with all the other universities that have identified the same opportunity….

15 UK Energy Research Centre

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