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Research Councils Energy Programme Dr Peter Hedges, Power Sector Manager, EPSRC.

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1 Research Councils Energy Programme Dr Peter Hedges, Power Sector Manager, EPSRC

2 The Ten Year Framework The Government 10-Year Science and Innovation Investment Framework aims to increase the overall levels of investment in research and development to 2.5% of GDP by 2014. Its objectives are to: Make the UK world-class in all areas of science, engineering and technology Translate the new knowledge generated more effectively into innovation Improve the prosperity and quality of life of the UK Make the UK the location of choice for R&D and high value- added business. Research Councils are required to achieve two main outputs – a healthy science and engineering base and better exploitation.

3 Funding Context The Office of Science & Technology (OST) has challenged the Research Councils to increase expenditure on energy research from £40M in 2005-06 to £70M by 2007-8. The Research Councils (EPSRC, NERC, ESRC, BBSRC) will commit at least £70M of funding for energy R&D in the period 2005/06 to 2007/08. EPSRC will be coordinating the delivery of the Research Councils Energy Programme on behalf of Research Councils UK. The Research Councils will continue to work in partnership with other funding organisations (e.g. Carbon Trust, DTI, and Industry) and are keen to expand our collaborative activities.

4 Some History… The OST awarded additional funding (£28M) under the 2002 spending review to establish the Towards a Sustainable Energy Economy (TSEC) programme. TSEC had four priority areas – carbon management, renewable energy, nuclear energy and managing uncertainties. Funding was delivered both through calls under the TSEC programme and allocation of funding through existing activities (e.g. SUPERGEN). Approximately half of the SR2002 funding was allocated to establish the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC). TSEC supplemented existing investment activities such as SUPERGEN.

5 Energy Programme Objectives To support a full spectrum of energy research to help the UK meet the objectives and targets set out in the 2003 Energy White Paper. To work in partnership with others to contribute to the research and postgraduate training needs of energy-related business and other key stakeholders. To increase the international visibility and level of international collaboration within the UK energy research portfolio. To expand the UK university research capacity in energy-related areas.





10 Planned Actions Sustainable Nuclear Power? Nuclear decommissioning/waste disposal Fusion – ITER/IFMIF and JET upgrade Wider investment in whole systems energy research (maintaining the TSEC brand SUPERGEN renewal, expansion and consolidation Basic science for energy (e.g. Materials) Energy and Equity Strategic Partnerships with Stakeholders

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