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Planning Office and Academic Registry Planning Office Overview.

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1 Planning Office and Academic Registry Planning Office Overview

2 Provides administrative and advisory support to the strategic decision making bodies of the University. Planning Group Planning and Resources Committee Working Parties addressing specific issues

3 Planning Group A sub-committee of Planning and Resources Committee Consists of the Vice-Chancellor, Pro Vice- Chancellors, Registrar and Secretary, Director of Planning and the Director of Finance Reports and circulates information from the Funding Council and other external bodies Considers requests for resources from Academic Departments and Administrative Sections Oversees the Annual Planning Round and receives reports from Finance Group and the Research Monitoring Round

4 Oversees Funding Council and National Assembly of Wales information request returns c.40 Funding Council circulars per year Full text of all available on Some provide information on national policy changes or announce consultation exercises. Some provide information on specific funding initiatives and request proposals for the use of funding. Some request confirmation of expenditure. Additional requests for information through other communications from HEFCW.

5 Annual Planning Round Runs from July to June Annually Operational Plan provides overview of Planning Context to Heads of Department Vice-Chancellors Letter circulated with Operational Plan Decisions on fixed-term posts invited from Heads of Department Planning Statements requested from Departments

6 Planning Statement Student Recruitment and Retention and Portfolio Development Quality Procedures, Employability Research Plans Resource Issues (including savings, resource needs and space requirements)

7 Planning Round Documents Planning Statements Fixed Term Post Recommendations RAS information Statistics on student recruitment, staff student ratios and student costs Departmental Data (staff numbers, student numbers, applications, withdrawals, RAE performance)

8 Annual Planning Round JULY Council confirms major decisions arising from the previous Planning Round JULY AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUNE SEPTEMBER Planning Group and PARC meetings begin Admissions Information Received and recruitment targets set NOVEMBER Vice-Chancellors letter of key strategic issues, and the Operational Plan sent to all Heads of Department DECEMBER Fixed-term post lists are sent out Data Sheets available JANUARY/FEBRUARY Planning Statements collected. MARCH Recurrent Grant and RAS figures available. APRIL Planning Round meetings MAY/JUNE Resource recommendations made UNIVERSITY OF WALES ABERYSTWYTH ANNUAL PLANNING ROUND JULY/AUGUST Operational Plan Drafted THE PLANNING ROUND RUNS FROM JULY TO JUNE ANNUALLY

9 Administrative Support for Research Aberystwyth Research Committee Research Monitoring Round Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) 2008 and its successor exercise, the Research Excellence Framework Research Support RCUK Roberts Fund and Academic Fellowships

10 University Research Committee Aims to promote and sustain the University research culture. Helps to identify Research Council and other funds priorities. Advises Departments on ways to enhance research performance. Shares good practice on mentoring and research management. Reviews changes in research policy. Stimulates dialogue with Departments. Advises on preparations for Research Monitoring

11 Research Monitoring Round Based on the former requirements of the Research Assessment Exercise Series of meetings between Heads of Department, Directors of Research and the Planning Group Held January annually. Departments submit form on research activity for each member of research active academic staff, together with other relevant information.

12 Research Assessment 1986 – 2008 RAE carried out every 5-7 years March 2006 Government announces the Research Excellence Framework, intended to make more use of metrics. Latest developments available on HEFCE and HEFCW websites Planning Office will continue to monitor developments.

13 Uses of the RAE Drives funding for research. Used to gauge eligibility of HEIs for some Research Council postgraduate research studentships. Used by the media to compile league tables.

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