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Grade 7 Final Assessment

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1 Grade 7 Final Assessment
Based on the Novel “Stormbreaker”

2 There are 6 Language Arts
Reading Writing Speaking Listening Viewing Representing

3 You will have a task to do for each of the 6 language arts.

4 Reading Everyone will read the novel “Stormbreaker”
To show me that you have understood the novel, you will be answering comprehension questions as you read.

5 Writing As you are reading, you will take jot-notes on one of the main characters These will include traits about the character, ie: brave, resourceful, evil, ect. and must have specific examples from the novel to prove that the character has the trait. Here is an example of my notes on Drake: Humorous -dances in the hall -flexes his muscles and asks “which way to the gym” -tells funny stories about his niece Brave -stands up for other people outside at lunch -often involves himself in class discussions, even if the topic is new -voices his opinion, even if others disagree Once completing the novel, you will write a character sketch, which is an essay describing a character’s traits.

6 Character Sketch Expectations
Writing cont’d Character Sketch Expectations Typed using Microsoft Word 600 words 14 point font Saved on SJH network Contains an introduction and conclusion Meets rubric requirements. Includes 3 body paragraphs, each describing one trait using specific examples from the novel. Begins with a title page which includes your full name.

7 Speaking You may choose from the following speeches: Write a poem:
·          Retell the story in poetry form ·          Read it to the class at your assigned time ·          It must be 30 seconds to a minute’s worth of reading Dress and act as a character from the book: ·          “Sell” the book to the class ·          This is an improve piece, which means you need to plan your costume and what you want to share but you must wing it. You cannot read this! Write a news report that summarizes the events of the story as if they actually happened: ·          Pretend that you are a TV anchorperson ·          Give the report ·          Read it as though it is being reported live on the evening news You are going to be the MC at a banquet honoring the main character in your novel. Prepare a speech that: ·          Introduces the character ·          Describes the award being presented ·          Explains why he/she deserves this special recognition

8 Public Speaking Helpful Hints
1. All speeches are to begin with a formal opening “Good morning fellow students” 2. Speeches can be between minutes. It is a good idea to keep it to around three minutes. Five minutes is a long time to keep the audience's interest! 3. An effective way to start your speech is with a "hook." A hook is something that grabs the audience's attention right away. It can be an interesting point or a question and serves as an introduction to your topic. An example: "What do jello, computers, and safety pins have in common? They all started out as creative ideas in someone's imagination. Good morning honorable judges, teachers, parents, and students. I am going to tell you about some of the more unusual inventions of the past 50 years” 4. Choose a topic that you think your audience will be interested in. It should be something you want to talk about. Often your own experiences are a good resource, it does not have to be a researched topic. 5. Plan the writing of your speech like you would a report. Figure out what the main ideas or highlights are and build paragraphs around them. 6. Your speech should have a definite ending. Some suggestions might be a summary statement such as, "I think you will agree that the shark is a mysterious creature." "You never know, you could be the creator of the most important invention of the next century!" 7. At the very end of your speech, it is not necessary to thank people for listening to your speech. Make your last statement and then say a "thank-you“. 8. Make sure you number your cue cards, in case you mix them up!

9 Public Speaking Criteria Name ____________________
 Volume  Clarity  Talking Speed  Eye Contact  Stance  Length  Content  Opening  Middle  Ending  Language

10 Listening It is expected that all students listen to the speeches as they are being presented. You will have to prove that you have listened by picking two speeches to use to ask questions. As the speeches are presented, you will formulate a question and ask it at the end of that speech.

11 Viewing Each student will have two viewing activities to complete:
View the film “Stormbreaker” and write a compare and contrast it to the novel in one half page paragraph. Complete a gallery walk of all the art projects done by your classmates and choose one to critique.

12 Representing Diorama You will create a diorama which is a three-dimensional replica (model) of a real life scene. Your job, as you read the text is to take notes on any neat scenes(be sure to include the page #) which would make interesting dioramas. Upon completing the novel, you will choose the best scene to use for your diorama. You must write one paragraph which explains your scene. This will be attached to your diorama. You can bring in your shoebox any time!!

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