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ENGLISH 9A Writing a paper: Introductory paragraphs.

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1 ENGLISH 9A Writing a paper: Introductory paragraphs

2 Introductory Paragraph The purposes of an introduction are to: 1. Get your readers’ attention 2. Inform the reader of your topic and establish the critical context. 3. Declare your thesis statement (your claim).

3 Introductory Paragraph Must include:  Attention Getter or Hook  Critical Context (epic heroes, heroes today, hero definition).  Title of literary piece (epic poems are underlined or placed in italics)  Ex. The Odyssey or The Odyssey  Author’s name  Thesis  Statement of order (usually attached to the thesis)

4 Introductory Paragraph First sentence = The Attention Getter.  A sentence that serves two purposes: 1. Grab the attention of your audience 2. Give your audience a clue to what your paper is about.  Make me (your audience) want to read your paper first!

5 Introductory Paragraph Example attention getters:  An interesting fact  A quote  An anecdote (a short story)  A statistic  Magic three (list of three images).  A shocking statement

6 Introductory Paragraph Thesis Statements have two functions: 1. To preview the topic being discussed 2. To make a claim about that topic.  A thesis must make a claim that is arguable; therefore, it cannot be a fact. If someone cannot disagree, then it is not a thesis.

7 Example If this is your assignment: Choose a character from a work of literature who can be defined as an epic hero and explain how he/she fits this definition. Give at least three examples for support.

8 Example: Thesis To create your thesis, rework the question: In the movie Shrek, Shrek is an epic hero. This is your thesis!

9 Introductory Paragraph Statement of Order: indirectly informs readers what they will find in each of your body paragraphs. It is usually attached at the end of the thesis statement. In our example assignment, we are asked to give three examples of support for our thesis. These three examples are our statement of order!

10 Example: Statement of order What does Shrek do that all epic heroes do? 1. He goes on a quest 2. He fights monsters 3. He never loses his humanity

11 Example: Statement of Order Epic heroes come in all shapes, sizes and colors. In the movie Shrek, the lead character fits the definition of an epic hero. Shrek goes on a quest and fights dangerous monsters. Throughout the entire story, he never loses his humanity.

12 Prompt Odysseus is known as an epic hero in The Odyssey. Does he deserve this title? Select two qualities and use support from the epic poem to argue your position.

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