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Environmental Science

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1 Environmental Science
Chapter 10 Biodiversity Notes #1

2 Biodiversity What happened to the dinosaurs?
A meteor created dust that blocked the sun? A climate change? A dino with limited predators destroyed the eggs? Other suggestions?

3 Biodiversity Biodiversity at Risk Biodiversity
Number and variety of species on Earth Most of Earth’s species are concentrated in certain biomes 1.6 million known species Why are many unknown? Mostly Insects, Why? Including unknown – probably 10 to 50 million

4 Biodiversity Extinction – disappearance of a species Mass Extinction
Many species at one time/over a short period become extinct In the past, all probably caused by climate change Currently happening faster than ever How are humans causing extinction? Habitat Destruction Hunting (poaching) Exotic Species

5 Future of Biodiversity
Biodiversity Hot Spots Areas with many species, in danger of becoming extinct or endangered Tropical, close to equator, coastal To Save – Large National Parks? Habitat conservation Plans to protect one or more species in a large area of land

6 Biodiversity Between 1900 and 2100 it is expected that about 25% of species will have become extinct. Why does it matter? We lose potential medicines, loss of genetic diversity, food sources, can ruin whole ecosystem, ethical and aesthetic reasons, etc… Loss of Keystone species Species that are important to the proper functioning of an ecosystem Example: sea otter They kept the sea urchin population in check

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