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Indus Valley Civilization and China

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1 Indus Valley Civilization and China
WHI: SOL 3a-e Indus Valley Civilization and China

2 Map of Indian Subcontinent
Indus River -Harappa Ganges River -Mohenjo-Daro Brahmaputra River Hindu Kush (Khyber Pass) Himalayas (Mt. Everest) Deccan Plateau Eastern and Western Ghats Arabian Sea Bay of Bengal Textbook pg. 69 Indian Ocean



5 Geography Subcontinent- large landmass that juts out from the continent Natural isolation due to the mountain ranges to the North, bodies of water along the sides Gangetic Plain- South of the Himalayas Deccan Plateau- high, dry land, center of the subcontinent Coastal Plains- separated from Deccan by low mountains (E and W Ghats)


7 Monsoons Monsoons- seasonal winds that move from certain directions for parts of the year Winter Monsoons- blow over land and are dry Summer Monsoons- blow over Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea bringing rain


9 Indus Valley Civilization
2600 b.c b.c. Indus River Valley civilization along the Indus River Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro were the capital cities **Carefully planned, grid cities indicate a well-organized government

10 Indus Valley Civilization
Social: hierarchy Political: well-organized government Economic: farmers (cotton), traders (Sumer, E. Africa) Religious: polytheistic, mother goddess, veneration of cows Achievements: grid pattern for city streets, plumbing system, uniform systems of weights and measurements (trade), system of writing not able to be deciphered

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