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By: Eveline Bogdanski. An electric World All around us Nothing will work No transportation.

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1 By: Eveline Bogdanski

2 An electric World All around us Nothing will work No transportation

3 An Atoms An atom is the smallest part of matter Protons positive, neutrons no charge,electrons negative

4 The Charge Electrons move to another atom the secound looses electrons All moves and makes a charge An object gains it is negative, looses positive

5 Protons, Neutrons, Electrons Protons are positive and neutrons have no charge and they are both in the middle Electrons are negative and are on the outside

6 Static Electricity Materials can stick to walls because it has a opposite charge Can dance around jump If it has a same charge it pushes away

7 Example Rub a comb against fur or wool Electrons from the wool go to the comb Bring it close to your hair Your hair goes up then

8 Electric Shock Two objects rub each other It’s then unbalanced Electrons want to be balanced Then a shock happens

9 Current Electricity Electrons move from an atom to the other Flows constant Electrons move slower Then creates current electricity

10 Conductors and Insulators Conductors let electrons pass easily such as metal Insulators do not let electricity pass easily such as rubber

11 Closed Circuit You need batteries, conductors, and power If it is open it does not work because electrons have to go through negative to positive

12 THE LIGHT BULB You need a power source, conductor Power source- for electrons to lit a light bulb Conductor- for electrons to pass

13 Series Circuit A circle Bad because if one of every is also

14 Parallel Circuit Not a correct shape Good because if one is out others are on Each has a equal amount of light

15 Safety Tips Stay away from plugs Don’t pull plug with a cord Always stay in a house when there is a storm

16 Magnetism A force that attracts certain metals Each magnet has a magnetic field Each magnet has a north and south pole- the poles are the strongest part Opposite poles attract like poles repel

17 The earth is the worlds largest magnet The earth has two poles north and south That’s why a compass works, it is a freely moving magnet The south pole of the magnet points to the north pole of the earth The Giant Magnet

18 Electromagnets Important, it saw the forces You have a metal object, wrapped in coil Helps compass work, and the earth is a giant magnet

19 Electromagnet uses Makes compasses work Helped discover the earth is a magnet

20 How Electricity is generated Copper wires around magnet Spins around and causes a movement Power lines go to a power plant

21 Famous Scientists in Electricity Bengimen Franklin invented lightning and discovered and protons, neutrons and electrons Thomas Eddison - light bulb Micheal Farady - generators

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