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Jeopardy Static Electricity Circuits Conductors/ Insulators Magnets Pictures Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final.

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2 Jeopardy Static Electricity Circuits Conductors/ Insulators Magnets Pictures Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy

3 $100 Question Static Electricity Objects that have LIKE charges Objects that have UNLIKE charges

4 $100 Answer Static Electricity Repel Attract

5 $200 Question Static Electricity What in nature is an example of static electricity?

6 $200 Answer Static Electricity Lightning

7 $300 Question from Static Electricity 1.You rub a plastic comb with wool. Why will the comb then attract small bits of paper? a.The comb has a magnetic attraction. b.The bits of paper have electric discharge. c.The comb and paper both have a negative charge. d.The comb has a negative charge.

8 $300 Answer from Static Electricity d. The comb has a negative charge.

9 $400 Question from Static Electricity when electrons move quickly from one object to another

10 $400 Answer from Static Electricity Electric Discharge

11 $500 Question from Static Electricity Explain what happens when you rub a balloon on your head and then stick it to the whiteboard

12 $500 Answer from Static Electricity The balloon picks up electrons from your hair giving it a negative charge, it then attracts to the positive charge of the whiteboard

13 $100 Question from Circuits Name the four parts of a circuit

14 $100 Answer from Circuits Battery, wire, switch, light bulb

15 $200 Question from Circuits What is the function of a battery in a circuit?

16 $200 Answer from Circuits It provides the “push” to keep electrons moving in the circuit

17 $300 Question from Circuits Explain one way to change a circuit

18 $300 Answer from Circuits Adding more bulbs Add another battery Switch the wires around

19 $400 Question from Circuits Explain how a bulb works

20 $400 Answer from Circuits The filament wire is very thin, so electrons have a hard time passing through When electrons do pass through, the filament becomes hot and begins to glow

21 $500 Question from Circuits In which part of a circuit is electrical energy changed into other forms of energy? a. The battery b. The switch c. The wire d. The load (anything that uses current to work)

22 $500 Answer from Circuits The load (anything that uses current to work)

23 $100 Question from Conductors/Insulators A conductor is:

24 $100 Answer from Conductors/Insulators a material through which electric charges can easily flow

25 $200 Question from Conductors/Insulators Name two examples of conductors

26 $200 Answer from Conductors/Insulators Copper Iron Gold Water Aluminum Steel silver

27 $300 Question from Conductors/Insulators An insulator is:

28 $300 Answer from Conductors/Insulators An insulator is a material through which an electric charge cannot easily flow

29 $400 Question from Conductors/Insulators Give three examples of insulators

30 $400 Answer from Conductors/Insulators Most plastics Glass Cloth Sand Rubber Wood Dry air

31 $500 Question from Conductors/Insulators Explain how you can test whether an object in an insulator or a conductor

32 $500 Answer from Conductors/Insulators Build a circuit

33 $100 Question from Magnets Magnet:

34 $100 Answer from Magnets an object that can push or pull on iron without touching the metal

35 $200 Question from Magnets If the north poles of two magnets are close, they will:

36 $200 Answer from Magnets Repel

37 $300 Question from Magnets How can you turn a magnet into an electromagnet?

38 $300 Answer from Magnets

39 $400 Question from Magnets Draw the magnetic field

40 $400 Answer from Magnets

41 $500 Question from Magnets Name two advantages of electromagnets

42 $500 Answer from Magnets 1. They can be turned on and off 2. They can be made stronger or weaker by changing the strength of the battery or wire loops 3. The direction of the fields can be changed (switch the poles) by switching the ends of the battery

43 $100 Question from Pictures

44 $100 Answer from Pictures Electromagnet

45 $200 Question from Pictures Is this an open or a closed circuit?

46 $200 Answer from Pictures Open

47 $300 Question from Pictures What kind of circuit is this?

48 $300 Answer from Pictures Parallel

49 $400 Question from Pictures Why is important about this crane?

50 $400 Answer from Pictures It has an electromanget that can turn on and off

51 $500 Question from Pictures Draw a parallel circuit

52 $500 Answer from Pictures

53 Final Jeopardy In a series circuit that has two light bulbs, what happens to one of the light bulbs when the other bulb burns out?

54 Final Jeopardy Answer The good light bulb will also go out

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