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England’s Southern Colonies:

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1 England’s Southern Colonies:
Chapter 2 Section 3

2 The 13 Colonies: New England Colonies Middle Colonies
Southern Colonies

3 I) Virginia

4 1) Deciding to Settle: Wealthy businessmen and devout Protestants led by Sir Walter Raleigh American colonies would help with England’s problems: Growing population Send poor people to work in America Poverty from a stagnant economy Gold, Silver, and raising plantation crops

5 2) Roanoke Colony: The group obtained a charter (a certificate of permission) from the king Formed a joint-stock company (a group of investors who share the company’s profits and loses) Twice tried to colonize Roanoke island. Poor soil First group returns home Second group vanishes

6 3) The Virginia Company:
The English’s second attempt Choose the Chesapeake Bay Many good rivers Good harbors Fertile land

7 4) Jamestown: A) The colonists founded Jamestown (1607):
Swamps defended the town from attack But also contained mosquitoes with malaria Many colonists died from sickness Or were too weak to farm the land, and died of hunger Between , 10,000 people moved to Jamestown In 1622 only 2,000 remained alive

8 Jamestown:

9 Jamestown:

10 4) Jamestown: B) Chief Powhatan:
About 24,000 Indians were under the rule of the powerful Chief Powhatan Tried to contain the Jamestown colonists rather than attack them Powhatan traded with the colonists for metal weapons.

11 Pocahontas Saves the Day:

12 4) Jamestown: C) War: In 1609 war broke out
In 1613 the colonists captured Pocahontas, Chief Powhatan’s favorite daughter Pocahontas converted to Christianity and married John Rolfe Powhatan reluctantly makes peace When Powhatan dies in 1618, his brother Opechancanough takes over Hates the colonists

13 John Rolfe and Pocahontas:

14 4) Jamestown: D) Tobacco:
Colonists were allowed to own the land as private property Worked harder Need a cash crop to sell in England John Rolfe taught them how to grow tobacco Soon the colony became the leading supplier to Europe With the promise of wealth and land Virginia began to grow

15 Tobacco:

16 4) Jamestown: E) The House of Burgesses:
In 1619, T.H.B. became the first representative body in colonial America T.H.B. could make laws and raise taxes Landowners over 17 could vote In 1624 the English Government took over Virginia and made it a royal colony Royal colonies belonged to the Crown Proprietary colonies belonged to powerful individuals or companies.

17 The House of Burgesses:

18 4) Jamestown: F) Survival: Tobacco The promise of land
Slavery becomes legal in 1660 The Virginia Company allows women to go In 1624 the English Government (King James I) took over Virginia and made it a royal colony

19 Quiz Time: What challenges did the Jamestown colonists have to overcome to survive?

20 5) Bacon’s Rebellion: As more settlers arrived colonists had to move inland to farm (1675) Led by Nathaniel Bacon the settlers moved west and slaughtered Indians The governor of Virginia, William Berkeley, forbade the colonists from moving west Bacon and his men marched to Jamestown, Berkeley ran away and they burned the city Bacon died suddenly and the rebellion stops

21 Bacon’s Rebellion:

22 II) Other colonies:

23 1) Maryland: 1632: Charles I established a second royal colony, Maryland King Charles gave the colony to Lord Baltimore Made it a safe haven for Catholics More Protestant outnumbered the Catholics and armed conflicts broke out.

24 2) The Carolinas: 1670: Charles Town and the colony of Carolina were established To honor Charles II Was run by a group of wealthy aristocrats called the Lord Proprietor Proprietary colony = ruled by powerful people 1691: splits into North and South Carolina 1729: the colonists rejected rule by the Lord Proprietors and became a royal colony again

25 3) Georgia: 1732: Began as a proprietary colony led by James Oglethorpe To protect South Carolina against Spanish Florida As a new start for people in debt in England Oglethorpe set strict rules No drinking, no slaves Colonists had to own their own land, so they couldn’t have large plantations Colonists complained In 1752 Georgia became a royal colony

26 James Oglethorpe:

27 Homework: Chapter 2 Section 3: #1,2,4,6

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