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In your notebook, respond to this cartoon in 5 sentences.

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1 In your notebook, respond to this cartoon in 5 sentences.

2 EQ: What factors influenced the start and development of the early colonies?

3  With exploration booming, the Spanish & French are all over the place claiming lands (Territorial dibs) and starting permanent colonies  The English arrive late on the scene in the 1570s/80s  In fact, the Spanish and French both claimed the lands known as NC today long before the English!

4  Italian explorer, commissioned by France  Discovers the lands now known as North Carolina in 1524  First European since around 1000 AD to explore the Atlantic coast of North America around the Carolinas

5 Hernando de Soto  April 1540 led an expedition across the Savannah River  Moved towards present day North Carolina  Headed west & died in Mississippi River Area 1 st European to see the interior of South Carolina 1 st European to see the interior of South Carolina Chapter 4

6  English aristocrat and explorer  Funded his own voyages  Supported by Queen Elizabeth I  1584 - Landed at Roanoke Island  Made connections with local Native Americans  Decided to bring settlers back



9  1585 – 108 soldiers come to Roanoke to establish first colony  1586 – Colonists and Native Americans at “war,” and colony is abandoned  1587 – Second settlement attempted  117 colonists come to Roanoke  Governor John White

10  1590 – White returns to Roanoke, but finds the colony has disappeared 1587 – John White returns to England to get supplies

11  After the Roanoke Colony failure, the English established their permanent colony at Jamestown in VA  Colony became wealthy due to the sale of tobacco


13  The “Jamestown” Colony  1606  Virginia- named after the “Virgin Queen”  Began by Virginia Company (granted a charter by King)  1 st Permanent English Colony

14  Document granted from English king, granting sovereignty Questions:  What is sovereignty?  What powers are gained through a charter?  Why were charters necessary?

15  Virginia Company: a Joint Stock Company - different stakes can be bought and owned by shareholders  By 1618, colonials are granted a House of Burgesses – 1 st Representative Democracy in New World


17 1. 1606 King James I issues a charter to the Virginia Company for land on the mid-Atlantic Coast 2. 1607 May 13: 104 male settlers arrive at Jamestown, the first permanent England settlement in the New World May 26: Indian attacks December 10: Capt. John Smith is captured December 29: John Smith is saved by Pocahontas before Powhatan

18 3.1608 Settlers at Jamestown die in great numbers (38 of 104 remain) 4. 1609 500 more settlers come to Virginia Relations with Native Americans grow tense 5. 1610 September- May: The “Starving Time” reduces population to 60 (from 500- 600 )

19 6.1612 John Rolfe tries a crop of tobacco to help save the Jamestown settlement 7. 1614 John Rolfe marries Pocahontas 8. 1618-1623 The “Great Migration” increases Jamestown’s population from 400 to 4,500

20 9. 1619 VA House of Burgesses meets for the first time


22 Outgrowth in VA leads to people migrating south to new lands… helps push for a new land grant for what becomes known as the Carolina Colony

23  Colonies of Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts created under his rule  1628 -- Granted charters to colonize lands south of Virginia, named for himself – Carolana  The Carolana charter, known as the “Heath Patent” granted to Sir Robert Heath  Heath’s plans to settle fail, contract eventually is voided during English Civil War

24  Due to lack of population, Charles II sold Heath Patent to the “8 Lord Proprietors,” 8 wealthy lords in England  Proprietor = owner  Renamed the colony Carolina, in honor of Charles II  Promoted populating the colony through profit incentive  NOW, the Carolina Colony will be permanently settled!

25  What factors influenced the start and development of the early colonies?  What kinds of immigrants came over to the New World? Were they voluntary or forced?

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