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World History : Mr. Paulson WEDNESDAY SEP. 8 2010.

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1 World History : Mr. Paulson WEDNESDAY SEP. 8 2010

2 1. SCR – Short Constructed Response 2. Spark # 12 ?? 13?? SCR 3. World Religions Intro 4. Set-up Gallery Walk poster thingy DAILY AGENDA

3 SPARK # 12 ?? 13?? 1. Short Constructed Response – SCR -3 Sentences long, clear main point, supporting evidence **Which ancient society, Rome or Greece, has had a larger impact on our society today? Use 3 specific examples as evidence 2. Brainstorm- -List as many major world religions as you can -List any facts/thoughts you have about the religions on your list

4 World Religions: An Introduction

5 Religion  Religion is defined as an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, practices and worship that center around one or more gods.  Religion has brought people together as well as torn them apart.  Religion has continued to be a dominant force throughout the world affecting everything from what people wear to how they behave  There are thousands of religions in the world  Polytheistic= belief in many gods  Monotheistic= belief in one god

6 6 Major World Religions  Buddhism  Hinduism  Christianity  Confucianism  Islam  Judaism


8 Judaism  13 million + followers  God (Yahweh)  First major religion to teach existence of only one god  Basic laws and teachings come from the Torah (first 5 books of the Hebrew Bible)  Founder is Abraham  Leader in Religion is a Rabbis  Basic Beliefs:  There is only one God, who watches and cares for his people  God loves and protects his people but holds them accountable for their sins and shortcomings  Persons serve God by studying the Torah and living by its teachings

9 Christianity  1.9 billion followers  God  Founder is Jesus Christ  Use the Holy Bible  Leaders are Clergy (priests/ministers)  There is only one God, who watches over and cares for his people  Jesus Christ was the son of God. He died to save humanity from sin. His death made eternal life possible for others  Persons achieve salvation by following the teachings of Jesus

10 Islam  1 billion followers  Followers of Islam are called Muslims  God (Allah)  Founder is Muhammad  Holy Book is called the Qur'an or Koran  This book contains laws that govern daily life of Muslims  Leadership no clergy  There are two types Sunni and Shiites  Sunni are a sect that do not accept rule of the direct descendants of Muhammad  Shiites are a sect that believe they were the true Muslims because they were direct descendents of Muhammad the prophet  The division within Islam has never been resolved and is the cause for much of the current fighting in the Middle East.  Persons achieve salvation by following the Five Pillars of Islam and living a just life.  Pillars are: Those who practice are striving for the highest level called Sufism  1. faith  2. almsgiving or charity to the poor  3. fasting which Muslims perform during Ramadan  4. Pilgrimage (to Mecca)  5. Prayer 5 times daily toward Mecca

11 Buddhism  338 million followers  God- Do not teach a personal deity  Founder is The Buddha or Enlightened One  Also known as Gautama Siddhartha  Do not have one book as their holy book but sacred texts including the Perfection of Wisdom Sutra  Leaders in are Buddhist monks and nuns  Use the Four Noble Truths-concept of the ever turning wheel of life, change and decay  Basic Beliefs:  Persons achieve complete peace and happiness known as nirvana by eliminating their attachment to worldly things  Nirvana is reached by following the Noble Eightfold Path:  Right views  Right aspirations  Right speech  Right conduct  Right livelihood  Right endeavor  Right mindfulness  Right meditation

12 Hinduism  764 million followers  God=There are 3 main: Brahma, Vishnu, & Shiva  No one founder but roots are traced to the early Aryans of India  No one book for holy book but have sacred texts including the Vedas, the Puranas  Leaders are Guru, Holy Man, Brahman priest  Basic Beliefs:  The soul never dies, but continually reborn  Persons achieve happiness and enlightenment after they free themselves from their earthly desires  Freedom from earthly desires comes from a lifetime of worship, knowledge, and virtuous acts

13 Confucianism  Number of followers not known but is the official religion of China  Founder is K’ung Fu Tzu (Confucius)  Holy Book is the Analects and the Five Classics  Leaders in- no clergy  Basic Beliefs:  Social order, harmony, and good government should be based on strong family relationships  Respect for parents and elders is important to a well-ordered society  Education is important both to the welfare of the individual and to society  Unlike most religions Confucianism is a ethical system with rituals at important times during one’s lifetime. (Birth, reaching maturity, marriage, and death)

14 CHECKING FOR UNDERSTANDING 1. According to the Buddha, how does one achieve happiness and fulfillment?  Detaching oneself from all worldly goods and desires by following the Eightfold Path. 2. Why is Jesus Christ central to the Christian religion?  Christians believe Christ to be the son of God, and he died to save humans from sins 3. What do the Hindus believe about the soul?  Believe that the soul is never ending and continuously reborn

15 CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDING 4. According to a Muslim, how do people achieve salvation? BBy following the 5 Pillars and living a just life. 5. What major religion was first to teach the existence of only one god? JJudaism 6. What does Confucianism believe about the family?  You should respect your parents and elders & government should be based on family relationships

16 Tomorrow Galler y Walk group activity  Small groups  Creating a poster  Each group will focus on 1 major world religion  Bring markers, colored pencils, etc.  Work in library (hopefully)  Bring book and notes from today  Individual and Group grade

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