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World Religion.

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1 World Religion

2 Define the word monotheism.
Define the world polytheism. Make a list of as many religions you can think of.

3 Monotheism - Belief in one god
Polytheism - Belief in more than one god

4 Try to place the top five religions in order from largest to smallest.
Try to guess the size of each of the five largest religions in the world.

5 World Religion: Rank Christianity 2.1 Billion Islam 1.5 Billion
Hinduism 900 Million Confucianism 394 Million Buddhism 376 Million #11 Judaism 14 Million

6 World Religions


8 Christianity:Basic Beliefs
There is only one God, who watches over and cares for his people Jesus Christ was the son of God. He died to save humanity from sin. His death and resurrection made eternal life possible for others

9 Christianity: Basic Beliefs
People should love God, and each other The “good news” concerning Jesus was contained in the gospels


11 Islam: Basic Beliefs Persons achieve salvation by following the Five Pillars of Islam and living a just life. These pillars are Faith Prayer Charity to the Poor Fasting before Ramadan Pilgrimage to Mecca

12 Islam: Basic Beliefs No drinking alcohol, no gambling
Can have up to four wives Islam is not just a religion but a way of life


14 Sunni vs. Shiite Sunni Muslims believe that Abu Bakr was the true successor of Muhammad 85% Shiite(Shia) Muslims believe in Ali Muhammad was the true successor 10%


16 Judaism: Basic Beliefs
There is only one God, who watches over and cares for his people God loves and protects his people, but also holds people accountable for their sins and shortcomings Persons serve God by studying the Torah and living by its teachings

17 Judaism Central aspects of Jewish religion Covenant Law Prophets


19 Buddhism: Basic Beliefs
Person achieve complete peace and happiness (nirvana) by eliminating their attachment to world things The goal was to follow the “middle path” Believed in Reincarnation No caste systems Karma Much more of a philosophy than a religion

20 Buddhism: Basic Beliefs
Nirvana is reached by the following Noble Eightfold Right Views Right resolve Right Speech Right conduct Right livelihood Right effort Right mindfulness Right concentration


22 Hinduism: Basic Beliefs
The soul never dies, but is continually reborn Persons achieve happiness and enlightenment after they free themselves form their earthly desires Freedom from earthly desires comes from a lifetime of worship, knowledge, and virtuous acts


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