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Structures of Seed Plants.

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1 Structures of Seed Plants

2 Vascular Tissue -root & shoot systems supply water & nutrients
-root system=roots, shoot system=stem & leaves -xylem - transports water and minerals through the plant -phloem - transports food molecules to all parts of the plant phloem xylem

3 Roots -function -structure Root Cap
*supply water & dissolved minerals from the soil *hold plants in place *store surplus food as sugar or starch -structure *epidermis - surface layer of cells *root hairs - increas surface area *vascular tissue in center *root cap - group of cells that protects the root tip Root Cap

4 - can reach water deep underground - dicots & gymnosperms
-systems *2 kinds *taproot - one main root that grows downward - smaller roots branch from it - can reach water deep underground - dicots & gymnosperms *fibrous root - several roots spread out from base of stem - roots usually same size - get water from near the surface - monocots Taproot System Fibrous Root System

5 Stems -vary in shape and size -usually above ground -function
*connects roots to leaves & flowers *support for leaves & flowers *transport materials from root system to shoot system *some used for storage -herbaceous stems *soft, thin, flexible *include flowers, beans, tomatoes, & corn -woody stems *rigid, made of wood and bark *trees & shrubs *produce growth rings

6 Leaves -vary greatly in shape & size -function: -structure
*making food (photosynthesis) *protection *trapping insects -structure

7 Flowers stigma + style + ovary = carpel (pistil)
pollen stigma petal anther style filament ovary nectar guides sepal receptacle female stigma + style + ovary = carpel (pistil) male anther + filament = stamen

8 sperm-producing structures
Flower Structures and their function. pollen sperm-producing structures filament stalk that supports the anther ovary where the ovules are produced style slender neck that supports the stigma receptacle site of attachment to the stem nectar guides a channel to guide nectar anther chamber where pollen is produced petal attracts pollinators stigma sticky structure where pollen lands sepal protect the flower bud

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