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Children & Young Peoples Service. Service Commissioning Martin Satchwell.

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1 Children & Young Peoples Service. Service Commissioning Martin Satchwell

2 Corporate Background Historically, many agreements with Voluntary & Community Sector Organisations have been awarded through direct negotiation with known providers. Greater emphasis on procurement – compliance with the Contract Procedure Rules Expressed intention to; where appropriate, replace grant funding arrangements, with contracts Obligation to obtain and evidence that the right services are being delivered at the right price.

3 Working with the Voluntary and Community Sector The Compact – Agreement between County Council& other Leicestershire Statutory Sector Organisations, and the local Voluntary and Community Sector Countywide Infrastructure Organisation Provider Events

4 Children & Young Peoples Service Commissioning Process Identify and determine the need Identify budget Determine the procurement strategy Specify the requirement –Greater shift towards outcome focused specifications Enter the procurement process –Appropriate documentation

5 Determining the need Led by Service Managers & Statutory Partners Informed by: –Demographic information –Consultation (formal and informal) Parents Children Professionals Providers –DCSF Child Health Strategy Together for Disabled Children –Research

6 Contract Procedure Rules County Council Key Thresholds: Above £5,000-Three written quotations as minimum Above £50,000-Tender Exercise Above £139,893-European Threshold

7 Advertising Source Leicestershire OJEU Countywide Infrastructure Organisation (CIO) Often also notify existing & known providers

8 Outcome focused specifications Focus on required outcomes Less emphasis on how Opportunity to identify –New innovation –Improved quality –Increased efficiency –Better value Requires detail from providers on their proposed delivery Your opportunity to shine

9 Pricing Considered use of more appropriate pricing structures Price breakdowns –Supports full cost recovery – price is representative of delivery costs –Informs price reviews

10 Completing your bid 1.Understand the requirement / specification 2.Only tender if you can meet the criteria Terms and conditions – considering qualifications 3.Read documents carefully 4.Consider collaborating 5.Develop your proposal 6.Understand your own cost base – full cost recovery 7.Evidence best value in respect of both quality and price 8.Address the award criteria where advised 9.Check your bid before sending 10.Keep to the deadlines!

11 Tender Evaluations (1) Tenders opened at pre agreed date and time Evaluated against pre agreed criteria by panel Clarifications – respond quickly if requested

12 Tender Evaluations (2) Evaluation is likely to cover: –Service Delivery –Cost (not always just price – whole life/total acquisition) May also cover: –Implementation –Provider policies (H&S, sustainability, E&D, Bus Cont) –Financial sustainability (provider & service – full cost rec) –Supplementary service offering –Exit requirements (TUPE implications?)

13 Contract Award Contract awarded –to the supplier who best meets award criteria Debriefing –Ask for feedback

14 Services for Disabled Children (1) Aiming High –Short Breaks (broad scope – focus on outcomes) Capital programme Service Managers –Considering demographics of supply and demand

15 Services for Disabled Children (2) Early Learning & Childcare – Capital grant funding –Significant consideration given to access to childcare for disabled children Play Strategy

16 Questions

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