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Young People and Commissioning www.yor-

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1 Young People and Commissioning www.yor-

2 Context: UN Convention Right of Child: child who is capable of forming his or her own views the right to express those views freely in all matters affecting the child opportunity to be heard in any judicial and administrative proceedings affecting the child, either directly, or through a representative or an appropriate body

3 Context - Government ‘services need to be shaped by and responsive to children, young people and families’ – National Children’s Plan Expectation that local authorities will enable an increasing proportion of their funding for positive activities to be directed by young people ‘up to 5% of their budget for services for young people in 2010 and 2011, with an aspiration of 25% by 2018’ (Aiming High for Young People: A Ten Year Strategy for Positive Activities).

4 Context Children and Young Peoples Plan (16) develop innovative ways to listen to children and young people’s views, enabling them to influence the decisions that affect them and commissioning services where possible; (25) offering children and young people an increasing opportunity to influence and challenge commissioning decisions.


6 Commissioning Cycle Understand – understand needs, resources and priorities and agree outcomes Plan – map and plan sustainable and diverse services to deliver outcomes Do – procure and develop services based on the plan Review – monitor service delivery of outcomes and take remedial action if necessary.

7 Understand – Plan Children and Young Peoples Plan 4000 children and young people consulted –student councils within schools, –focus groups talking about specific issues, –commissioned research Issues –young people concerned about weight –disabled young people equal access to services –sexual health and contraception, need to focus on boys –consultation mechanisms - Youth Council

8 Understand – Plan Youth Council

9 The Voice and Influence team We: Hear young people’s ideas and issues Put young people in control of decisions Help young people have their say to decision makers Work with young people to make York a better place for young people.

10 Creating a York Youth Council

11 What will Youth Councillors do? Meet every six weeks Attend training sessions to get the skills they need to do the job Consult the young people they represent Feedback to young people about local and national campaigns Work to make York a better place for young people

12 What is it going to look like? Representative of young people in York Holding diverse life experiences Having diverse interests From rural and city centre homes

13 Who will be involved?

14 How will they be selected? Nominated from local groups / schools Posters advertising the nominations Information on the candidates views Between 28 September - 2 October 2009

15 Youth Council timescales 28 Sept – 2 Oct –2 candidates nominated 2 Oct -Consent forms returned for residential Tue 13 Oct First meeting of Youth Council 23 -25 Oct Residential

16 Commissioning YYC will have its own agendas Ask if topics can be put on YYC agenda YYC decide if they feel it something they want to do Youth Councillors with time available volunteer to get involved Work with partner agency

17 Plan – Do - Review Yorkash


19 Who are the YorKash Panel A group of young people 13-19 from all over the City who run a grant scheme They have £145,000 to give out to groups who have good ideas about activities, facilities and projects for young people in the City

20 What do they do? Meet every Wednesday after school in the City Centre Set the rules Design the application form and publicity Decide which groups get the funding Organise a Party Check the groups have spent the money right

21 Yorkash Criteria YOF/YCF criteria Demonstration of local need Does not duplicate provision/ other work

22 Application Process Reviewed every year Feedback from last panel and applicants Young person friendly Two levels of detail Interviews Evaluation process questions

23 What do young people get out of it? AQA awards Experience Residential See how money is spent and what a difference it makes

24 Involving young people Very time intensive Requires 2 workers Careful planning Structured but flexible

25 Plan – Do Involving Disabled Children Transitions Consultation – 07/09 Ongoing – young people part of Transition Advisory Network (TAN) Parallel process of meetings – involvement of voluntary sector – pre-existing groups Outcome - case for multi-agency Transition Team

26 Plan – Do Involving Disabled Children Short Breaks Developing process will parallel parental involvement Broad Consultation Representation on decision-making body Outcome: Health training for practitioners to ensure access to both mainstream and specialist services

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