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Session 12: Preparing Your Offer Evaluating Your Proposal.

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1 Session 12: Preparing Your Offer Evaluating Your Proposal

2 At the end of the workshop you should have an understanding of: the processes that government follows when undertaking an Expression of Interest or Request; key considerations when responding to a government tender; and where to access information and further assistance. Outcomes from this Session

3 Open and Effective Competition: Minimum Requirements Monetary ThresholdMinimum Requirements Below $5,001Direct Purchase $5,001 - $20,000Verbal Quotes (2-5) $20,001 - $150,000Written Quotes (2-5) Above $150,000Open Tender

4 Exemptions from the Tender Process Open and Effective Competition Policy Exemptions from competitive requirements may apply where: bona fide sole source of supply; purchasing from an Australian Disability Enterprise; similar sourcing within the last 12 months; integration or standard operating environment; or emergency situation.

5 Exemptions from the Tender Process Exemptions from competitive requirements may also apply when: Entering into a contracting arrangement to purchase a community service from a not-for-profit organisation (in accordance with the DCSP Policy), and the Accountable Authority considers that: no service provider exists with the necessary skills and there is a need to develop such; an existing service provider is continuing to meet its contractual obligations, represent value for money and will be retained under preferred service provider provisions of the DCSP Policy; or there are strategic considerations, such as the viability of other funded services that make direct negotiation desirable.

6 Request - Structure Part A – Procurement Process Information Part B – Service Agreement Details Part C – Service Requirement Part D – Response Form

7 PART D: Response Form Respondent Details – Fill out all of your details. Mandatory Requirements – Yes/no response. If you do not meet the mandatory requirements, your offer will be excluded from further consideration. Qualitative Criteria – Written response required. Essentially this section provides information about your organisation and the services you are able to provide. Disclosure Requirements – Yes/No response. They do not automatically exclude a Respondent from the process. Pricing – Price schedule will be included in Request document. You need to insert your prices into the schedule.

8 Tender Evaluation Accountable Authority endorses the decision Report endorsed by Community Services Procurement Review Committee Nominate evaluation panel members and distribute offers Panel members individually evaluate (score) offers Evaluation panel is convened to assess offers (scores agreed) Panel makes a value for money assessment and drafts report If over $1 million or high risk

9 Value for Money Value for Money is a key principle in Government procurement policy. It says government should select the offer that represents the best value for money, taking into consideration cost factors (that is, whole of life cycle costs) and non-cost factors (such as suitability, risk, sustainability, etc). Value for Money means finding good prices and good quality. It doesnt necessarily mean the lowest price.

10 Value for Money Value for Money considerations include: Continuity of Service Delivery Suitability of Proposed Service Organisational Capacity Demonstrated Experience Organisational Viability / Sustainability (not necessarily financials) Quality Standards (if applicable) Risk Price

11 Things To Consider: Knowing your strengths (i.e. competitive advantage) Managing risk Flexibility and innovation Sustainable pricing

12 Pricing Your Services The Request asks for you to submit your pricing. Price may be one of the factors used in assessing your submission when considering value for money. Better services, not cheaper services

13 Key Tips for Tendering Check Tenders WA and add an alert for your relevant categories Register and log in on Tenders WA to ensure you receive any addenda Make sure you get all of the documents that make up the Request Plan to respond a day early Know the closing time and place, it is not the same for all tenders

14 Key Tips for Tendering Use the selection criteria as a heading when addressing them and try to follow the sequence in the Request Address all of the selection criteria If you have any questions, ask! Do not assume that the person reading your offer knows you or your organisation Ask for feedback after the contract award, whether successful or unsuccessful

15 Further Education, Training and Support Peak Bodies FaCS Website Mark Bryden Assistant Director, Policy & Education Funding and Contracting Services Unit 6551 1515 Kylie Towie Director, Funding and Contracting Services Tim McKimmie Assistant Director, Direct Agency Support Glaucia Hyland Assistant Director, Special Projects

16 Further Education, Training and Support

17 Questions?

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