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How to do business with the Council James Trotter Senior Procurement Manager Leicestershire County Council.

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1 How to do business with the Council James Trotter Senior Procurement Manager Leicestershire County Council

2 Introduction 1.The Opportunity 2.The Tendering Process 3.Further Information 4.Questions

3 1) The Opportunity Every year the Public Sector spends over £100 billion on goods, works and services.

4 Leicestershire County Council (2007/8) £275m

5 How the public sector buys Accountable - value for money (best practice) Legal obligations (EC Treaty / EU Directives) –Principles No discrimination Equal treatment Fair competition Proportionality Transparency –Advertising –Formal tender processes Consortia (e.g. ESPO)

6 What are we doing? National Concordat for SMEs –Sustainable Commissioning & Procurement Strategy –Publish list of prime contractors –Standardising documents and processes –Proportionate evaluation criteria –Meaningful feedback –Complaints procedure –What it means to be an LCC supplier – our expectations Contract Procedure Rules –Advertise contracts –Single points of contact for all categories purchased Meet the Buyer / How to do business events / Website

7 Sustainable Commissioning & Procurement Strategy - Performance Indicators Economic Year on year procurement savings (cashable) achieved Percentage of payments made within 30 days by the Council where the invoice is undisputed % spend with SMEs Number of local SMEs submitting Pre-Qualification Questionnaires to ESPO when expressing an interest in Council requirements Social No of EIAs completed as part of or prior to procurement process Level of Equality Framework for Local Government achieved % of contracts with a Total Value of £1m more that include a Social Clause Environmental Level of national Flexible Framework achieved % of high risk contracts where environmental considerations were included in the contract award (weighting 15%+) CO2 (tonnes) emitted by Statutory Service suppliers with whom the Council spends £100k+ p.a. Commissioning & Procurement Practice Corporate Use of Resources Score: Value-for money (out of 4) Value of procurement spend transacted electronically (including purchasing cards) Colleague satisfaction with purchasing arrangements Key Supplier Performance across spend categories % of contracts supported by ESPO

8 The Benefits of Public Sector Business Stable Local delivery Fair and transparent processes Foothold into other public sector bodies

9 2) The Tendering Process Identify the right opportunity Complete pre-qualification process Submit your tender Evaluation of tenders carried out Contract awarded

10 Minimum advertising requirements Estimated valueAdvertising £0 to £10,000None required (optional) £10,000 to £20,000Source Leicestershire (where practical and appropriate) £20,000 to EU ThresholdSource Leicestershire Over EU ThresholdOJEU and Source Leicestershire

11 Identify the right opportunity Direct contact - websites Consortia (e.g. ESPO – Advertisements (higher value contracts) –Source sites - e.g. –Contrax Online - –Local / trade press –Large Tenders above EU thresholds (Official Journal of the EU) Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) -


13 Pre-qualification process Selection Criteria / Evaluate Organisation Pre Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) –Used to shortlist suppliers –Comprises a list of questions Financial status Experience inc. references Company policies and accreditations (e.g. equalities) Etc. –Scored against pre-agreed criteria

14 Completing your tender 1.Understand the clients requirements 2.Only tender if you can meet the criteria 3.Read documents carefully 4.Take advice and support 5.If in doubt ask 6.Consider collaborating 7.Address the award (and selection) criteria 8.Check your bids before sending 9.Label and address tender documents correctly 10.Keep to the deadlines!

15 How your tender will be evaluated Tenders opened at pre agreed date and time Evaluated against agreed criteria by panel –Process may include: site visits, presentations as set out in the tender documents Clarifications –Respond quickly and professionally if asked for more information

16 Contract Award Contract awarded –to the supplier who best meets award criteria Debriefing –Ask for feedback

17 3) Further information Council Websites e.g. Leicestershires doing business with the council guide.doing business with the council guide Consortia websites e.g. ESPOs Buyer profile - Supply 2 Gov - SOPO - The Directory of Local Government -

18 4) Questions

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