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COMMISSIONING FOR YOUTH 23 June 2014 Tri-borough Sharon Cohen Engage London.

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1 COMMISSIONING FOR YOUTH 23 June 2014 Tri-borough Sharon Cohen Engage London

2 Aims To improve understanding of commissioning models across London; To improve understanding of what tendering means for organisations Objectives Provide an overview of the current commissioning landscape across London To develop a framework around effective business planning for your organisation To have an increased knowledge of the policy context for children’s services To review further support and development needs around leadership and governance Engage London

3 Key Findings The picture across London is very varied Party politics appear to make a difference A very wide range of service delivery models A budget reduction context Greater emphasis on outcomes and impact Demand for significant, evidenced young people’s involvement at all levels VCS groups finding it harder to obtain funding Many VCS groups (especially smaller groups) not prepared for tendering Engage London

4 Key messages for the VCS Local engagement and representation Working across borough boundaries Collaboration Diversification of funding Commissioning processes Due diligence and PQQ process Skills and capacity Contracts TUPE Young people’s engagement Engage London

5 Due Diligence Due diligence is the process of systematically checking an organisation to make sure they are suitable to contract, and can include checking that it … Is properly constituted Has adequate insurance Is financially sound Engage London

6 PQQ P re Q ualification Q uestionnaire Ensuring that an organisation meets the minimum standards to deliver the work In pairs – make a list of what documents you think you may be required to produce for a PQQ Remember – if you don’t meet the PQQ, you don’t get invited to tender Engage London

7 Tri-Borough – timescales RBKC new contracts from April 2015 H&F contracts run to April 2015 – re-commission from then Westminster – decision to be taken after local elections; contract to October 2015 Timescales often slip – the borough can make that decision BUT don’t assume it will – you might get caught out unprepared! Engage London

8 The Commissioning Cycle: commissioning, procurement, tendering & contracting Commissioning describes the whole process of mapping, planning, delivery and evaluation of services for a local area. A commissioner is anyone undertaking this whole process Engage London

9 The ‘common’ tender process Advert Placed Seek EOI Send out PQQ PQQ Evaluation ITT Submission of ITT Interview AwardMonitoring

10 RBKC– Indicative timescales June-July stakeholder events (young people) 5 th July Launch event (stakeholders- providers). At this event timescales will be confirmed. July Specification complete (incorporating above) September 2014 Invitation to tender October 2014 tender submission deadline Nov 2014 evaluation phase Jan-March 2015 mobilisation period Engage London

11 Tri-Borough – What they want To commission against the outcomes framework Organisations with good community links To rationalise contracts – looking for local consortia To work with stakeholders (providers and young people) to develop the outcomes Engage London

12 Tri-Borough – tendering If the providers do not evidence BOTH an understanding of the outcomes and how they can meet the outcomes they will not be funded A statement “This service will increase attainments at school” is not evidence! Tri-borough feedback – evidence is not coming through in bids – those that evidence outcomes get the contracts!! They want to see evidence and examples Engage London

13 Contracts Read the contract carefully Ask questions about anything you don’t understand or need clarified Identify the legal responsibilities you take on if you sign the contract Is another organisation undertaking this work now? If so does TUPE apply? Are any transferring staff on different terms and conditions? How long is the contract for? Are you liable for redundancies at the end of it? What will this cost you? Engage London

14 Useful Resources How to evidence outcomes:- 8F5F- B2E649B995DB/0/managingyourprojectanditsoutcomes.pdf Successful tendering guide:- ni/documents/tendering-guide-the-tender-process.pdf Quality Assurance:- Engage London

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