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Change & Continuity Over Time

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1 Change & Continuity Over Time
How to Write the Essay! Change & Continuity Over Time

2 Purpose To evaluate your ability to analyze historical changes and continuities that have shaped events, social, political, economic developments in history and ability to gauge your analysis of global processes. This is really a high-level analysis of history.

3 The Change & The Continuity
What do they Mean?

4 What You Do in the Essay This essay question deals specifically with analysis of continuities and changes over time covering at least one of the periods (or over a significant period of time) in the course outline. It addresses, for example, technology, trade, culture, migrations, or environment. The continuity and change over time questions require analysis of process and explanation of causation with specific examples.

5 What must you do! Change Recognize it as it occurs in history.
Identify & Understand the causes of change Continuity Recognize factors which remain the same throughout an entire period Identify & Understand factors which allow this to continue

6 Change Over Time Must discuss, utilize concrete detail and analyze changes that occurred relevant to the prompt and correctly! If the prompt discusses command terms (social and political) you need to focus on political and social changes. If your prompt is more vague, you need to think of aspects to base your analysis By the end of the course we will have regional CCOT charts!

7 Continuities The prompt also asks you to address continuities, generally these are patterns or tendencies that remain the same for years and years. You need to have concrete detail (facts) to back up your continuities.

8 Question How to read the question

9 Process the Prompt Read the question Determine List the Continuities
“What” – topic “Who” – society or region “When” – parameter of dates List the Continuities Build a timeline for Change list events for the topic Beginning, middle, end

10 Draw your Essay Circle on your Paper!
Your Prompt Analyze the political transformation that occurred from 622 CE through 1258 in Western Asia and the Muslim World. Draw your Essay Circle on your Paper!

11 Build the Framework Setting up Clear Wrting

12 Now Use the One on your Own Paper
Sample Timeline Continuities Continuity #1 Continuity #2 Continuity #3 Changes Beginning Date End Date 622 CE CE Now Use the One on your Own Paper

13 Analysis Chart

14 Build the Essay How to Write Clearly

15 Organize your Paragraphs
You can choose several ways to organize the essay. Period Approach Beginning Middle End Topic Approach Political Social Technological, etc I would choose Period approach for the Changes and add a Continuity Paragraph to the essay.

16 Thesis! While _________ stayed the same, in the period from _______ to __________, _________ changed from __________ to ____________ and _________ changed from _________ to __________, This is a sample….not the best thesis!!

17 Better Thesis(es) Unacceptable: Acceptable Excellent:
Islam as a political structure both changed and stayed the same during this period. Islam was the main religion until today. Acceptable From Islam became the main focus for politics in Western Asia and North Africa, however it went from unity to fragmentation. Excellent: While Islam became the foundation for political structure in Western Asia, North Africa and Al-Andalus from , it varied from unity to fragmentation due to fractures from power legitimization and takeover.

18 Change & Continuity Words
Change Words Continuity Words now before gradually until that time Later up to that time Eventually formerly immediately as things evolved at once in the century at this point over time Next ironically afterward previously soon carry on persistent Proceed sustained Stay enduring Persist ongoing Remain constant Unceasing sustained Preserve maintained Retain uphold

19 Write the Essay Clearly Writing

20 Introduction Background Information Thesis
Write 2-3 sentence to set up the time period Thesis Put your excellent thesis at the end of the paragraph Use your change and continuity words

21 1st Body Paragraph Change Paragraph Topic sentence
Set up characteristics at beginning of time period Use specific examples and dates - evidence Describe examples of significant changes, turning points, or developments Analyze (give reasons) why each of these changes occurred Set up characteristics at end of period Describe the global context

22 2nd Body Paragraph Continuity Paragraph Topic sentence
Give specific examples of continuities (related to topic) in the time period Give reasons (analyze) why these continuities occurred Describe the global context for the continuities

23 Conclusion Restate Thesis Show that you have proved your case
Summarize the basic trends of the time period as related to the question

24 Rubric Proof that you Wrote Clearly

25 Thesis 1 pt Has an acceptable thesis.
Must be explicitly stated in the introduction or conclusion ofthe essay. May appear as 1 sentence or as multiple (contiguous) sentences. May not be split among separated sentences, or a mere restatement of the question.

26 Addresses Part of the Question
2 pts – 1 pt Addresses all parts of the question, though not necessarily evenly or thoroughly For 2 Points: Address BOTH change AND continuity. Addresses most parts of the question: for example, addresses change but not continuity.) 1 pt For 1 Point: Address EITHER change OR continuity.

27 Evidence 2pts Substantiates thesis with appropriate historical evidence. 2 pts Provides 6 pieces of accurate evidence of change and/or continuity. evidence for continuity or change must be related to topic of question at least 1 piece of evidence must be a continuity, and at least 1 must be a change.

28 Evidence 1 pt Partially substantiates thesis with appropriate historical evidence. 1 pt Provides 3 pieces of accurate evidence of change and/or continuity. evidence for continuity or change must be related to question topic.

29 Global Context 1 pt. Uses relevant world historical context effectively to explain continuity and change over time. 1 pt Provides accurate and relevant world historical context for either change or continuity. This context may relate to broad world historical patterns or to specific global historical developments.

30 Analysis 1 pt. Analyzes the process of continuity and change over time. 1 pt Analyze (with accuracy and specificity) the causes and/or effects of either change or continuity during the time period. Analysis may NOT count as the thesis point. Analysis “Cue” Words because caused / caused by led to came from in order to due to

31 Expanded Core Expands beyond basic core of 1–7 points.
The basic core score of 7 must be achieved before a student can earn expanded core points

32 Expanded Core Examples
Has a clear, analytical, and comprehensive thesis. Addresses all parts of the question (as relevant): global context, chronology, causation, change, continuity, effects, content Provides ample historical evidence to substantiate thesis. Provides links with relevant ideas, events and trends in an innovative way Addresses all parts of the question evenly

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