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Keys to the Continuity/Change Over Time Essay

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1 Keys to the Continuity/Change Over Time Essay

2 What is the CCOT essay? THE BASICS
An essay discussing characteristics that changed and stayed the same in a given region and time period. Know the required tasks & how they’re scored the rubric

3 What is the CCOT essay? THE BASICS – the rubric
Strong statement stating your central argument and describes 3 controlling ideas (likely 2 changes and 1 continuity) Provides multiple specific examples for each controlling idea. At least one, places the discussed events in the broader scope of history by including related events At least once, the essay identifies the likely cause of a specific change BASIC CORE EXPANDED CORE Pts 2 1 Has earned all 7 pts of basic core with opportunity to earn up to 2 additional pts if any of the tasks are performed with excellence. TOTAL 9 Identifies at least 1 change & 1 continuity accurately Addresses all parts of the question Has acceptable thesis Substantiates thesis with evidence Analyzes process of change Uses historical context

4 Fundamentals of CCOT Answering the question: Thesis
Remember continuities, not just changes Establish a baseline before describing the changes that occur Thesis Establish time period boundaries & address entire period Substantiating Thesis: Give specific examples to support thesis claims (requires that you know history)

5 Example (2003) Describe and analyze the cultural, economic, and political impact of Islam on ONE of the following regions between 1000 C.E. and 1750 C.E. Be sure to discuss continuities as well as change. West Africa South Asia Europe

6 Complete the following tasks for a thesis
1) In your thesis include the dates or time period For example: “Between 1000 and 1750 C.E. . . ” 2. Include the region or country you chose. Example: “Between 1000 and 1750 C.E. Islam impacted West Africa . . .” 3. Tell what changed and what stayed the same using the categories stated in the prompt.

7 Example Thesis: bare minimum
“Between 1000 and 1750 C.E. Islam impacted West Africa by changing its economics and political structure but many of its cultural aspects remained the same.”

8 A more analytic thesis would be …
Between 1000 and 1750 C.E. Islam entered West Africa and increased its trade and centralized its politics but many aspects of African religion and gender roles remained unchanged.

9 So, the basic template is…
Between (beginning date) and (ending date), (area you chose to write about) changed in the area of (category(ies) from the prompt) but stayed the same in the area of (the other category(ies) from the prompt).

10 CAUTION The categories you put in your thesis must be the ones given by the prompt! If the prompt asks you to address changes in labor systems, don’t write about political change! If it asks for demographic changes, don’t write about changes in patterns of trade!

11 Complexities of CCOT Analyzing process of change:
Identifying only a cause for continuity is weak – stick to changes What are some common triggers for change: Consider that change happens unevenly in places and overtime…often speeding up & slowing down Are there steps to the change? Intermediate points between the beginning & end of period are important

12 Complexities of CCOT Historical context
Remember that changes & continuities in a particular region do not happen in a vacuum Use varying scope – global trends v. regional v. local Don’t be afraid to note exceptions to a trend

13 Direct approach – body ¶ org
Ways to Answer CCOT - #1 Direct approach – body ¶ org Bases body paragraphs around the changes and continuities you identify Topic sentence Baseline Cause of change or context Evidence (early, middle, late) Summary of change (status at end of period) & significance Establish continuity

14 Narrative approach – body ¶ org
Ways to Answer CCOT - #2 Narrative approach – body ¶ org Describes the flow of history from beginning of period to end w/ embedded changes/continuities. Bases body paragraphs around sub-periods Topic sentence Context Characteristics, events, & processes that change/stay the same Cause of changes seen in period & significance

15 American music through the ages –
Practice CCOT - Music American music through the ages – Dani California Based on the music video, analyze the changes and continuity in American music between 1950 and today.

16 Changes & Continuities in Life
Analyze the changes and continuities of Superman from the 1940s to the present.

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