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Continuity and Change over Time and Comparative Essays (they’re a lot like a DBQ, except without the documents! You must provide the evidence.)

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1 Continuity and Change over Time and Comparative Essays (they’re a lot like a DBQ, except without the documents! You must provide the evidence.)

2 Most questions give you a choice from a set Your brain is already geared toward supporting your statements with evidence. Think of anything you know about the topic, and then think of those bits of information as “mini-docs”. Next, create a framework in which to place your evidence…then it’s a lot like writing a DBQ!

3 REMEMBER THE BASIC RULES OF A GOOD THESIS: Give ‘em what they want Show ‘em where you got it Help ‘em get there… Review the info for “Cracking the AP Essay Questions” from Ch. 3 in Princeton Review.

4 What the directions say: (mean) Directions: You are to answer the following question. You should spend 5 minutes organizing or outlining your essay. Write an essay that: Has a relevant thesis and supports that thesis with appropriate evidence. Support your thesis with historical evidence Addresses all parts of the question. Answer all parts of the question Uses historical context to show change over time and/or continuities Contrast with starting point and what remained the same.

5 What it was…What it is…NOT You need to delineate the causes and/or events that led up to the change/s. In a successful C.C.O.T essay, you need to talk about how things were prior to the change, and then make it clear WHY things changed.

6 C.C.O.T. essays: What if I don’t know the subject???? Tend to give you choices of countries or regions They also tend to be global…like technology, trade, demographic change, or culture…so be ready to discuss these topics. Review the basic content and changes and you should be well prepared for this essay

7 BASIC CORE FOR C.C.O.T. Acceptable thesis (did it address the global issues and the correct time periods?) 1 Did you address ALL parts of the question (mostly) 2/1 Have you substantiated the thesis with appropriate historical evidence? (partially) 2/1 Have you shown change over time using historical context? 1 Have you analyzed the process of change over time and/or continuity? 1 SUBTOTAL 7

8 WHAT TO DOPOINTS Write a thesis that addresses the global issues and covers the correct time periods1 Addresses ALL parts of the question2 Support your thesis with appropriate historical evidence2 Show the C.O.T. using relevant history. Include the characteristics of historical periods to explain the context of change.1 Analyze the process of change and continuity. Describe what changed and how it changed, not just what the results of change were.1

9 Expanded core requirements: Comprehensive, analytical, and explicit thesis? Comprehensive coverage of ALL issues: (time, continuity and change, cause/effect, and a global scope) Ample historical evidence to prove your thesis? Have you provided connections to ideas, events, and other issues in an imaginative way? Up to 2 additional points Concentrate on doing a great job in at least 3 of these areas

10 Process the Question: Don’t miss ANY part of the question! Circle each key phrase as you process the question…then…build a framework. The framework not only provides you with an outline, but insures that you don’t miss any part of the question.


12 NOW…BUILD YOUR ESSAY In your chart, fill in the information for each segment, but also the bits of evidence (from your brain) to support each answer. Then…WRITE IT: Thesis…give ‘em what they want (ATQ using key phrases from the question) Next…show ‘em where you got it by supporting each of your points with INTRODUCTORY evidence. Help ‘em get there by TRANSITIONING from the thesis to the body with a cool phrase like: To better understand the change in…

13 A good model… After the intro… Each paragraph should address one change or continuity with specific evidence Don’t make the AP reader search for the what the changes and continuities are… 40 minutes (5-8 planning) 35 writing…a good C.C.O.T. or Comparative Essay can be written in 20 minutes.

14 I’d rather compare than change! You can complete the essays in any order you like…but you should for sure do the DBQ first (use the 10 minute reading time to process the documents) But…if you like the Comparative Essay better than the C.C.O.T., you can write that one first AP readers say that the comparative essay is perhaps the easiest, but it is often the one that students score the lowest…so leave yourself time to do your best!

15 Comparative essays: Typically involve how two societies respond to a major theme or event, like: How they respond to each other, other societies, or events How they changed, or didn’t, in response to some event How different societies developed How they responded to new technologies or new ideas

16 The Directions…and what they mean: Write a thesis that makes your major points of comparison (Support your thesis with historical evidence) Answer all parts of the question Make at least two direct, relevant comparisons of the given societies. (Include both similarities and differences. You lose a core point if you don’t)

17 Comparative Essay: Thesis: Is it acceptable…do you compare the issues or themes specified Have you addressed all parts of the question? (ATQ?) Have you substantiated the thesis with the appropriate historical evidence? Have you shown at least one or two relevant, direct comparisons between or among the societies? Have you shown at least one reason for a similarity or difference identified in a direct comparison?

18 Process the question: Use the same strategy as you did for the C.C.O.T. Circle the key phrases Take 5 minutes to plan your essay before you begin writing. Build a Framework Create 2 columns…one for each society What are you being asked? What is the theme or event that is impacting the societies? Similarities Differences

19 Write it: Write your thesis Give ‘em what they want Show ‘em where your got it Help ‘em get there Include BOTH the focus of your essay and WHY you believe your claim is true.

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