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Unit 4: Chapter 7 World War 2 Begins.

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1 Unit 4: Chapter 7 World War 2 Begins

2 The Rise of Dictators Countries in economic depression
Dictators rise to power Dictator: a leader who gains complete control of a country’s government Adolf Hitler: Germany (1933) Benito Mussolini: Italy (1920s) Fascism: individual freedoms are denied and complete power is given to the government

3 Adolf Hitler Benito Mussolini Tojo Hideki

4 The Axis Power Germany Italy Japan
All believe in Racism (idea that one race, or group of people, is better than others) Germany makes SECRET agreement with Soviet Union’s leader, Joseph Stalin

5 Italy takes Ethiopia Japan takes China Germany takes Austria and Czechnoslovakia

6 Allied Powers France Great Britain (Soon to be the United States)
Protecting Poland (Soon to be the United States) MORE PROMISES: Hitler promises not to invade anymore countries, Allies let him keep what he has

7 World War II Begins Allied powers declare war
September 1,1939 World War II Begins Allied powers declare war Hitler BREAKS his promise! Germany attacks Poland Allies declare war on Germany, the rest join in.

8 Allied Powers Struggle
France falls to Germany in June 1940 Great Britain alone Should USA join? Think of some reasons people would want to go to war or would not want to go to war.

9 The Debate at Home Bombs threatening lives overseas
Winston Churchill: leader of the British government Great Britain pleading with US to join the war

10 The Debate at Home Most Americans said NO! focus on home
President Roosevelt wants to help Britain President Franklin D. Roosevelt agrees to the Lend-Lease Gives Britain permission to use military supplies at no charge

11 How do you think people felt?
America is getting involved! How do you think people felt?

12 Declaring War Britain won Battle of Britain 1941
Japan’s leader, Hideki Tojo, believed USA standing in Japan’s way December 7, 1941, US naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii bombed EVERYONE calling for war

13 Video Documentary

14 USA Enters the War United States declares war on Japan
Germany and Italy declare war on United States (Axis powers) “A date which will live in infamy.” Roosevelt (Infamy: something is known as shocking or evil)

15 Axis Advances Look at map on p. 346
U.S.S.R.: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Soviet Union also had a dictator Joseph Stalin: allied with Hitler at first

16 Soviet Union Changes Sides
Stalin made agreements with Hitler Both attacked Poland and split Hitler invaded Soviet Union Stalin joins the Allies American supported the Soviets with supplies Axis Powers Allied Powers

17 The Draft Not enough men to fight Draft solved problem
10 million men drafted during World War II

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