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Human Impacts: Atmosphere

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1 Human Impacts: Atmosphere

2 Global Warming Definition:
An increase in the average temperature of earth because of an increase in greenhouse gases.

3 Global Warming Cause: A ‘blanket’ of greenhouse gases keeps Earth warm. Hot dog

4 Global Warming Gasses such as carbon dioxide and methane trap heat and help our planet support life. This is called the greenhouse effect. It is normal, and essential to life. Cause:

5 Global Warming Cause: Increased production of greenhouse gases has enhanced this warming effect, called global warming.

6 Global Warming Effect: Changed precipitation patterns.
Rise in sea levels and coastal flooding due to melting glaciers.

7 Global Warming Solution:
Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by using less fossil fuel. Explore alternative energy source. Big guy in a little car

8 Acid Deposition Definition:
Rain ( and snow, hail, etc.) with a pH below 5.6 Harmful chemicals settle as “dust”

9 Acid Deposition Cause:
Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide pollution from the burning of fossil fuels.

10 Acid Deposition Cause:
Most of New York State’s acid precipitation originates in the mid-west and moves to us in the prevailing winds.

11 Acid Deposition Effect:
Destruction of limestone and marble monuments due to increased chemical weathering Acidification of aquatic ecosystems destroying the life in them.

12 Acid Deposition Effect:
Damage forests and other plants in a variety of ways

13 Reduce use of fossil fuel
Acid Deposition Solution: Reduce emissions sulfur and nitrogen from industry by use of scrubbers etc. Explore alternative energy sources. . Reduce use of fossil fuel

14 Ozone Depletion Definition:
The reduction of the thin layer of O3 (ozone) that protects the earth from ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

15 Ozone Depletion Cause:
Chloroflurocarbons (CFC’s) pollution from refrigerants and plastics are destroying our thin ozone shield high up in our atmosphere.

16 Ozone Depletion Effect:
It is linked to increased incidence of skin cancers and cataracts in the human population. Increased UV radiation has been linked to amphibian declines.

17 Ozone Depletion Solution: Ban CFC’s

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