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Human Activity.

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1 Human Activity

2 Greenhouse Effect These gases keep heat from escaping back into space
Our earth is kept warm by certain gases in the atmosphere (carbon dioxide, for example). These gases keep heat from escaping back into space The greenhouse effect is a GOOD thing – it keeps the planet warm enough to support life

3 Greenhouse Effect Note the atmosphere bouncing heat BACK TOWARDS earth – just like a greenhouse Much of the radiation is prevented from escaping back to space

4 Greenhouse Gases keep heat trapped in (contribute to the greenhouse effect) – this is what the heat bounces off of in the atmosphere Includes water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone

5 Global Warming – the bad part
Certain human activities add to the levels these naturally occurring greenhouse gases (burning fossil fuels, for example) The theory is that greenhouse gases are rising at an alarming rate, and trapping MORE energy – making the earth warmer

6 Human Population Growth
Can impact biosphere in two significant ways: Resource depletion (water, fossil fuels, food, habitat depletion) Pollution (air, land, water)

7 Pesticides/Herbicides
Chemicals that kill pests and unwanted plants The problem is that they don’t go away for a long time This means they accumulate in groundwater

8 Biomagnification The concentration of pollutant is multiplied as it passes up the food chain This is because the herring eats many zooplankton The porpoise eats many herring, etc The top level consumers end up with the highest concentration of pollutant

9 Acid Rain Nitrogen and sulfur emissions (from human activity) enter the atmosphere They collect with water vapor and come down as acid rain This kills plants (and destroys the Statue of Liberty!)

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