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Sustainable Use of Resources

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1 Sustainable Use of Resources
Using natural resources in a way that doesn’t deplete them Plant a tree for every one cut down Use biofuels Alternative energies

2 Acid Rain Causes: burning of fossil fuels and factories with smoke stacks release sulfur into the air making precipitation acidic.

3 Acid Rain Effects Destroys plant tissues Destroys aquatic ecosystems Destroys many statues

4 Acid Rain on pH scale

5 Affects of Acid Rain


7 Acid Rain Solutions Create laws that limit emissions from smoke stacks. Create laws that mandate (force) factory owners to use scrubbers on smoke stacks Use cleaner fuel sources

8 Most smoke stacks now have scrubbers!

9 Increase in the average temperature of the biosphere
Global Climate Change Increase in the average temperature of the biosphere

10 The Evidence In the past 120 years the average global temperature has risen .5 degrees Celsius The 1990’s was the hottest decade on record

11 The Projections Computer models suggest that the average global temperatures will increase by 1 to 2 degrees Celsius by 2050.

12 The Cause of Climate Change
Increased amounts of CO2 that enters the atmosphere, from burning of fossil fuels Increased amounts of greenhouse gases like methane.



15 The Effects of Climate Change
Polar ice caps will melt causing massive flooding


17 The Effects of Climate Change
More severe weather systems or storms


19 The Effects of Climate Change
Increased distribution of insects that carry deadly diseases - MALARIA

20 The Effects of Climate Change
The environmental change favors certain species like rodents, weeds, and insects

21 The Effects of Climate Change
Increased droughts

22 Solutions for Climate Change
Create laws that limit carbon dioxide emissions – The Kyoto Treaty Use hybrid/electric cars Limit your energy consumption Educate people about the issues

23 Solutions for Climate Change
Use of alternative energies Wind farms Solar farms Geothermal energy Nuclear energy

24 Wind Farms

25 Solar Farms

26 Geothermal Energy

27 Nuclear Energy

28 Pros and Cons of Nuclear Energy
Little greenhouse gas emissions Readily available technology Huge amount of energy is generated from one single plant

29 Pros and Cons of Nuclear Energy
Risk of radioactive disaster Radioactive waste Heats up surrounding water often harming the ecosystem

30 Ozone Depletion Ozone layer protects the earth from harmful UV rays

31 Without Ozone


33 Cause of Ozone Depletion
Emission of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) into the atmosphere


35 Effect of Ozone Depletion
Increase UV rays increases the skin cancer rates

36 Effect of Ozone Depletion
Other species of plants and animals may also be affected by UV radiation. The species’ genes will mutate sometimes causing cancer, death, or infertility.

37 Solution to Ozone Depletion
The use of CFC’s was banned by international law – Montreal Protocol of 1989

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