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A computer. What is an electronic device that performs complex tasks at high speed and with great accuracy?

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1 What is an electronic device that performs complex tasks at high speed and with great accuracy?

2 A computer

3 What is the group of physical parts that make up the computer system called?

4 hardware

5 What is a device used to give commands to the computer?

6 A keyboard

7 What is software that does a specific tasks, such as word processing called?

8 Application software

9 What is a storage device that plugs into the computer’s USB port?

10 Jump drive

11 What is the earliest device that was used to count and keep track of things?

12 Abacus

13 What is a device that makes hard (printed) copy of data in the computer called?

14 Printer

15 What are instructions called that tell your computer how to perform as task?
These instructions cannot be seen or touched. There are two main kinds: application and system.

16 Software

17 What is a software called that acts as a link between you, application (software programs), and the hardware?

18 Operating system

19 What is the bar on the desktop at the bottom that lets you start programs and easily switch between tasks is called?

20 The task bar

21 What is the button called that you click on to open the main menu of programs in WindowsXP called?

22 Start button

23 What is a set of instructions that your computer carries out to perform a specific task, such as word processing called?

24 Program (application)

25 What is the combination of many types of computer visual and sound output, like text, pictures, and music, that is often run form the CD-ROM called?

26 multimedia

27 What is the ability of the operating system to run more than one program at one time?

28 Multitasking

29 What is the simple opening screen in Windows 98 or Windows XP that contains a few objects, the Start menu, and a task bar is called what?

30 Desktop

31 What is the button located at the right end of the title bar that you click to exit a window called?

32 Close button

33 What is the button that is located at the right side of the title bar that you can click to reduce a window to a task button on the task bar called?

34 Minimize button

35 What is the horizontal bar at the top of a window that holds the window’s name called?

36 Title bar

37 What is the bar located under the title bar that lists the available menus called?

38 Menu bar

39 What is the arrow-shaped cursor called that moves with the mouse as you slide it over a flat surface called? Its shape changes depending on the job it is doing?

40 Pointer (mouse pointer)

41 What is the button called that returns a maximized window to its previous size called?

42 Restore button

43 What is the button on the title bar called that enlarges a window to its greatest possible size?

44 Maximize button

45 What are the instructions given by the user to the computer that cause an action to be carried out called?

46 Commands

47 What application does this icon stand for?

48 Microsoft Word

49 What is the word processing tool called that makes all lines even on the left side only?

50 Left alignment

51 What is a type of program that allows you to share information made by one tool with the the other?

52 Integrated

53 What is the key called that moves the insertion cursor a present number of spaces, usually five spaces, with just one touch?

54 Tab key

55 What is the present settings that the device selects for you called?

56 Defaults

57 What icon or tool allows you to open a saved document?

58 Yellow folder

59 What is the style that is characterized by having all parts of the document begin at the left margin? There are no paragraph indents.

60 Block style

61 What is the process of removing text and spaces called?

62 Deleting

63 What tool highlights words in a document that are NOT in the dictionary?

64 Spell Check

65 What is the feature called that automatically moves text on to the next line as it is typed?

66 Word wrap

67 What is the size (in points) of the alphabet and numerals is called what?

68 Font size

69 What is the style of the alphabet and numerals called?

70 Font

71 What is the application that is used to create letters, memos and other types of documents?

72 Word processor

73 What is the tool in a word processor that lines all text up on the page by making each line appear in the middle of the page between margins?

74 Center align

75 What application lets you add, subtract, multiply, divide and do much more in neat columns that can contain labels and formulas?

76 Spreadsheet

77 What program allows you to put special effects into photographs?

78 PowerPoint

79 What is a drawing or a picture called?

80 Graphic

81 What is the term that means to highlight text or other objects by dragging the insertion cursor over that text?

82 Paint or highlight

83 What tool makes text that you have painted or highlighted dark and heavy?

84 Bold

85 What tool makes text slant to the right?

86 Italic

87 What do you use to save a file for the first time?

88 File, Save As

89 What do you do to re-save a file after the first time?

90 File, Save

91 What do you do to print a document?

92 File, Print

93 There is no tool for this
There is no tool for this. You have to do it yourself or have someone do it for you?

94 Proofread

95 Hit the space bar once after this:

96 Comma

97 Hit the space bar twice after this:

98 Period

99 What is the main purpose of a spreadsheet?

100 To calculate

101 In a spreadsheet, what is the individual box in which you can type something called?

102 Cell

103 If you see ########### in a cell or cells, this means what?

104 The column is too narrow.

105 What is the vertical “stack” of cells, that is named by a letter called?

106 Column

107 What is this button called?

108 Merge and center

109 What is the button called that is used to automatically sum up a column of numbers?

110 AutoSum

111 A cell is named by saying which part of its name first?

112 Column letter

113 In a word processor, when you press this key, you begin a new paragraph.

114 Enter Key

115 Once you have your password what do you do?

116 Never tell anyone.

117 What do you do if you are printing something and the printer does not produce your output right away?

118 Wait patiently for a while, and then, if nothing is happening, tell the teacher.

119 What is your default printer?

120 The printer to which your computer is normally set to print.

121 What does the Print Preview button do?

122 Allows you to look at your work before it is printed out.

123   To make a letter capital, you must hold what key down while you press the letter key?

124 the Shift key

125 To make all letters capital, what key must be locked down?

126 the Caps Lock

127 What is the standard keyboard that we use?


129 What are the home row (anchor keys) of the left hand?

130 A S D F

131 Which fingers should be used to press the Space Bar?

132 Thumbs

133 On the numeric keypad, the home row (anchor keys) are what?

134 4, 5, and 6

135 How should your fingers be when you are typing?

136 slightly curved

137 When this key is in the “down” or “locked” position, only capital letters come out.

138 Cap Locks

139 How should your wrists be when you are keyboarding?

140 Straight

141 What is the “magic” behind good typing ability?

142 Time and practice

143 Why are the keys all mixed up on the keyboard?

144 So that the arms would not get jammed on the type writer.

145 What is the best way to protect your wrist nerves and back?

146 take frequent breaks

147 What are the keys called that are on the very top row
What are the keys called that are on the very top row? They all begin with the letter “F.” There are twelve of them.

148 function keys

149 Which function key is usually the Help Key in most programs?

150 F1

151 Software that helps you find information on the web on certain topics are called what?

152 search engines

153 The operating system on computers in the computer lab at EMS is what?

154 WindowsXP

155 What is the text called, which, when you click on it on a web page, it takes you to
another page related to that text?

156 Hypertext

157 Probably the most popular and best-known search engine is what?

158 Google

159 In PowerPoint, the Rehearse Timings tool allows you to do what?

160 make each slide last exactly as long as you want it to

161 To get on to the Internet, from your desktop, you should click on what?

162 The blue ‘e’

163   To save a picture from the Internet, you can Right Click on it and do what?

164 Do SAVE AS and save to your account

165 The work in your account is protected by what?

166 your password

167 Two kinds of sound files are what?

168 .WAV and .MP3

169 Two kinds of picture files are what?

170 .JPG and .BMP

171 In Excel cells, you can computer by using numbers but also by referring to the names of what?

172 other cells

173 In a slideshow, you should use light-colored printing against what?

174 a dark background

175 In slide shows, the use of background music in a slide show helps to do what?

176 create a mood

177 In slide shows, the use of sound effects in a slide show adds to what?

178 realism

179 In slide shows, slow music and slow transitions helps to create a mood that is what?

180 Serious

181 In slide shows, fast music with fast transitions helps create a mood that is what?

182 light & cheerful

183 In a slide show, you can create a slide transition by clicking what?

184 Slide Show and Slide Transition

185 Microsoft Office’s presentation maker is called what?

186 PowerPoint

187 In designing presentation slides, you should be sure to do what?

188 use text colors that contrast with the slides’ background colors

189 If you have more than two or three lines on a slide, it probably means what?

190 you should put some of the material on a NEW slide

191 In showing your presentation to a group, besides using your own computer screen or a larger monitor, you can show a larger image by using what?

192 a computer projector

193 In PowerPoint, you can insert what types of graphics?

194 clip art, photos, your own drawings, movies and animations

195 The integrated program suite that we use in the EMS computer lab is what?

196 Microsoft Office 2000

197 The operating system that lets us log into our EMS local area network with our user ID and password is what?

198 Novell

199 To copy text or graphics from one place to another, you can use what two steps?

200   Edit, Copy & Edit, Paste

201 What is the name of the spreadsheet application (program) in the Microsoft Office 2000 Suite?

202 Excel

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