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Intro to Microsoft Word.

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1 Intro to Microsoft Word

2 Objectives Today we will learn to: Navigate Microsoft Word
Type using Word Format text Insert photos/clip art Use various tools such as Spell Check Print, save, and open documents Copy and paste using shortcuts

3 What Is Microsoft Word? Microsoft Word is what is known as a Word Processor. Word Processors are programs that allow the user to type and create various documents ranging from the simple to the complex. Microsoft Word is Microsoft’s primary Word Processor. It is part of a utility suite known as Microsoft Office. Please Note: We will be using Microsoft Office 2007 with Windows 7 for this class.

4 Getting Started Find the Microsoft Office Word shortcut on your desktop and click it If there is no such shortcut open your start menu, click All Programs, scroll down, click on Microsoft Office, then click on Microsoft Office Word

5 Getting Started, Cont. Upon opening Word, it will create a blank document titled Document 1 You will notice many options in the toolbar at the top of the page, which we will get to very soon. For now let’s start with the basics.

6 Typing in Word Start by clicking on the blank page
Type, in all lower case, “i am typing a sentence” Notice how Word automatically changes the first letter of the sentence to a capital Hit Enter to move to the next line

7 Capitalizing Text You can capitalize text yourself by holding Shift and hitting the letter key. Type the same sentence again, this time capitalizing the first letter of each word Hit Enter, Caps Lock, and then type the same sentence again. All text you will be capitalized until you hit Caps Lock again

8 Aligning Text By default all text is aligned left, that is that it will appear on the left side of the page In our toolbar, or “ribbon”, at the top of the screen we can change the alignment of our text Above paragraph you will see 4 buttons like the ones seen here. These are the alignment buttons. Left, Center, Right, and Justified.

9 Aligning Text, Cont. The top sentence is already left aligned. Select the middle sentence by clicking and dragging your mouse over it. Now click Center Align Let’s do the same with the bottom text but click Right Align Notice that all of your text has been aligned left, middle, and right as you asked

10 Formatting Text On your toolbar, above Font, you will find several options for formatting text These are the tools that you will be using most often

11 Font By default Word uses Calibri font
In the toolbar we just viewed you will see a box with the current font title (Calibri), click on it This will open a drop down menu that you may scroll through to select a new font. It has a preview of each font

12 Font, Cont. You can set your font before you begin typing or by selecting text and changing it Let’s select the middle sentence, click on the font drop down box, select Times New Roman Notice that the font of the middle sentence has changed

13 Font, Cont. You can also change the size of your text using the number form next to the font name Select the bottom sentence, click on the number field, and select 16 Notice that the bottom sentence’s text has increased in size

14 Text Color Let’s change the color of our text
Select the first sentence On your toolbar you will see a letter A with a color underneath, the will be an arrow next to it. Click the arrow. These are the colors that are available to change the color of our text Select any color, I will select red Notice how the selected text has now changed to your selected color

15 Bold, Italics, and Underscores
On the toolbar you will see a B, I, and U these stand for Bold, Italics and Underscore, respectively Next to these you will also see an abc this is a strikethrough. These are not used often but we will try them out anyway

16 B-I-U, Cont. Select the top sentence, click on the B. This will make the selected text Bold Select the middle sentence, click on the I. This will Italicize the text Select the bottom sentence and click on the U. This will Underscore the text

17 Strikethroughs Hit Enter, click U again to turn off Underscore, click Align Left, and change the font size to 12 Type “This sentence contains a strikethrough” Now, select the sentence you just typed and click abc Notice that a line appears through your text. This is called a Strikethrough

18 Highlighting Select the Italicized, formerly middle, sentence and click on the button on your toolbar that reads ab and depicts a highlighter pen. The color yellow should be displayed beneath it Notice how a yellow tint appears over the selected text. This is called Highlighting and is useful for taking notes in class You may change the highlighter color by clicking the arrow next to the highlight button

19 Saving Our Progress We’ve made a lot of progress. Let’s save our document so that none of it is lost Click on the MS Office button Click Save As A dialogue box will appear. Type classdoc in File Name and click Save

20 Saving Our Progress, Cont.
Notice that the document name at the top of the page has changed Now that we have saved our document, you can save it at any time by clicking the Floppy Disc icon in the top left corner of the screen Remember to so fairly often while typing your document so that no progress is lost

21 Bullets Hit Enter. Click abc to turn Strikethrough off
Type These, hit Enter, Are, hit Enter, Bullet, hit Enter, Points Select the text you just typed and click the bullets button in the toolbar Notice your text has been placed in a bulleted list

22 Numbering Hit Enter twice
Type These, Are, Number, Points in the same style as the bullets, hitting Enter after each word Select the new text and click on the Numbering button on the toolbar Notice that the selected text has been placed in a numbered list

23 Bullets and Numbering Bullets and Numbering are great for creating lists and keeping them organized You can change the bullet or number style by clicking on the arrow next to their respective buttons and choosing a new style

24 Copy and Paste There are two methods of copying and pasting text
The first is select the text and right click on it. Click Copy. Right click where you want the text appear and hit Paste Another, more reliable method is using keyboard shortcuts Select any line of text, hold down Ctrl and hit C on your keyboard Now left click next to the right of the bottom line of text on the page. Hit Enter 3 times. Hold Ctrl and hit V on your keyboard

25 Copy and Paste, Cont. Notice that your selected text has been copied and pasted to your desired location Using Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V is a great method for copying and pasting. It can be used in your web browser and is often available when the right-click drop down menu is not

26 Remember To Save! If you haven’t done so already, hit the floppy disc button to save your document! Remember to do this periodically while typing your document so that no progress is lost.

27 Inserting Clip Art Hit Enter twice
On your toolbar, click Insert, now click Clipart A sidebar will appear. In the search box search for anything you like. Clipart will appear below the search field. Click on whichever you like and it will be inserted into your document

28 Editing Clip Art You may change the size of your Clip Art by clicking on it and dragging one of the dots in the four corners of the box that will appear around it You may also change the alignment of your clip art in the same way that you change the alignment of your text, by clicking on it and clicking one of the align buttons

29 Inserting Images Click next to your clip art and hit Enter
Now click on Insert in the toolbar, click on Image, and select an image from your Pictures The image will be pasted into your document You can move and resize the image in the same way you moved and resized your clip art

30 Line Spacing Line spacing is the amount of space between each line of text Select all of your text and click the line spacing button on the toolbar Select Notice that your text is now double spaced

31 Spelling and Grammar Check
Let’s check our spelling Click on Review at the top of the toolbar, not click on Spelling & Grammar A dialogue box will appear. It will list misspelled words and grammar errors. You can choose to ignore these errors or have Word fix them for you

32 Opening and Closing Save your document, hit the X in the top right corner to exit Word Now open Word again. Click on the Microsoft Office Button, click Open, now find your document, click on it, and click Open This will open your document again

33 Skill Retention It’s time to practice everything that we’ve learned
Hit the X in the top right corner to close Word Now open Word again, we will be using this blank document

34 Type the Document Below

35 Wrapping Up Once you have finished your document, remember to save it
After that hit the X in the top right corner to close Word

36 Questions? Thanks for attending our class! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks for visiting Rowan County Public Library.

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