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Intro to Computers!.

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1 Intro to Computers!

2 The Desktop When you turn the computer on the screen that appears is called the “Desktop” Icons Start Button: Open the Start Menu Quick Launch: Start programs with one click Task Bar Notification Area: Displays the status of programs and computer settings Date/Time

3 The Mouse The Keyboard Button
The mouse gives you control over your computer. With the mouse in your hand you cause the onscreen arrow (known as the “Cursor”) to move around your computer display. You move your mouse to a point where you want something to happen, then you click (press the button) to make that event take place. Sometimes you click once. Sometimes you click twice. And sometimes you hold down the mouse while your event is happening. Pressing down on the left-mouse twice in rapid succession produces a double-click. Button The Keyboard Backspace backspaces one space, deleting the previous character. Enter move to the next line Shift Capitalize a letter or use a symbol above a number on the keyboard Tab Indent Page Up moves you up one whole page at a time Page Down moves you down one whole page at a time Delete deletes the next letter or character Home moves you to the beginning of a line End moves you to the end of a line Arrow keys allow you to move up, down, to the left or to the right one character at a time. Space Bar inserts one space to the right.

4 Clicking Clicking once on the Date/Time in the taskbar results in the Date/Time program to open in a window so that you can view or change it. New window Double clicking on a icon will cause that program to open in a window so that you can use it. Double clicking on the “Calculator” icon will result in the calculator program window opening up on your desktop!

5 Minimize, Maximize or Exit your window
You can make your window larger by clicking on the Maximize button. You can make your window smaller by clicking on the Minimize button. You can exit and close your window by clicking on the exit button.

6 Clicking on the “Maximize” button in the top right hand corner of your window will make your window take up the entire screen therefore hiding your desktop. Clicking a second time on the Maximize button will restore the window to its original size. Clicking on the Minimize button in the top right of any window will make the window disappear from your desktop. Your program is NOT closed….you are just minimizing the view of it! Clicking on the icon in the taskbar will maximize the window again.

7 The Start Menu Clicking on the Start Button will result in the Start Menu appearing. The left side of the Start Menu will list all of the programs on your computer that you might use. Listed first will be programs that you have recently used. Clicking on “All Programs” will show you the rest of the programs available to you.

8 Scrolling Place your cursor (pointer) on the scroll bar with your mouse. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the scroll bar up and down. Click once on the up or down arrow on the scroll bar to move one line at a time.

9 Sub menus Sub Menu Clicking a item in the Start Menu that has a folder beside it will result in a sub menu being displayed. As you can see in the Microsoft Office folder there are programs for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc… Clicking on a program listed in the menu will result in that program being opened in a window on your desktop.

10 Selecting a program Clicking on a listed program will result in that program being opened in a window on your desktop!

11 Where are my files, documents & pictures?

12 The Internet! Clicking on the Internet Explorer icon will result in the Internet Explorer window being opened. Google Search Internet Explorer Address Bar Move forward or Backward a page A Web Page Links

13 Shutdown your computer
Shut down button


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