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What are we doing to our planet?

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1 What are we doing to our planet?
Our environment What are we doing to our planet?

2 Some facts We have caused over 40% of the world´s rainforests to disappear. We have polluted the air, the sea and the land. We have killed lots of species of animals and plants. We have used up most of tje planet´s water and energy resources.

3 What can we do? We have changed the world´s climate.
We are growing so fast that all these problems are getting worse every day. What can we do?

4 Water waste Problem: The shortage of clean water is one of the most urgent problems in the world due to the growth of the population, the pollution of water supplies and the decrease in water reserves.

5 Water waste Solutions: Protect water supplies.
Save water: keeping the tap closed. Re-using water

6 Rubbish and waste disposal
Problem: domestic waste. Solutions: - To recycle paper, glass, metal and plastic. To turn rubbish into energy.

7 Air, land and water pollution
Problems: Factories send gases into the air. The gases mix with water in the air (acid rain).

8 Air, land and water pollution
Pesticides and fertilizers used in farms are poisonous to living things.

9 Air, land and water pollution
- Industrial chemical waste is carried by the rivers into the seas, by dumping from ships and by sewage disposal.

10 Air, land and water pollution
Solutions: Countries should control the level of pollution in industries. Industries cannot settle in certain areas. Support organisations such as Greenpeace.

11 Destruction of rainforests
Problem: Most trees are cut down to get wood, to make paper, medicines and for fuel. Species of animals and flowers disappear every day.

12 Destruction of rainforests
Solutions: To plant more trees. To use less paper and wood. To recycle more.

13 Wood fires Problem: Fires destroy forests and woods, their trees, animals and vegetation.

14 Wood fires Solutions: Adults shouldn´t through away cigarrete ends.
Don´t throw broken glass bottles, tins, plastic bags,…

15 Traffic Cars burn gasoline, which produce carbon dioxide, the gas that causes the green house effect.

16 Traffic Solutions: To use public transport.
To travel by bike or on foot as much as we can. To use other energy sources: wind power, solar power, hydroelectric,…


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