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Natural Disasters and Environmental Problems

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1 Natural Disasters and Environmental Problems
Earthquakes Hurricanes

2 Natural Disasters and Environmental Problems
Volcanic eruption Drought

Air pollution Destruction of the ozone layer Greenhouse effect Global warming Water pollution Deforestation Hunting Overfishing Litter/rubbish

4 CAUSES gases from factories. car exhaust fumes/traffic fumes.
increase in the amount of carbon dioxide and other gases being released in the atmosphere. dumping industrial waste in rivers and seas. dangerous chemicals from factories being poured into streams, rivers and lakes. people in poor countries are destroying jungles and forests because they need farmland to feed their families. forests are being burnt or cut down by logging companies for profit. lots of animals are killed for body parts (skins, horns, tusks, etc.). production of too much packaging and food waste.

5 EFFECTS acid rain (damages to trees, lakes and buildings) smog
breathing problems cancer risk change in world’s climate sea and oceans levels rising extreme weather conditions (floods, tsunami, etc) fish die stomach illnesses destruction of the rainforest destruction of natural habitats lots of animals in danger of extinction lots of animal and fish are disappearing (endangered species) dirty streets diseases

6 Possible Solutions reduce gases emitted from factories
use public transport instead of cars reduce chemicals areosol sprays and fridges use alternative sources of energy limit use of chemicals in industry fine factories which pollute streams, rivers and lakes give financial support to poorer countries encourage countries to control the number of trees that are burnt or cut down stricter laws and harsher punishments for legal hunting (poaching) and fishing more protected national parks encourage recycling


8 by… Emil Jacques Delle Donne and Giada Lamatta
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