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People and Planet Earth

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1 People and Planet Earth
Презентация подготовлена Гайсиной М.В.

2 Environmental problems endanger people's lives
What does the word environment mean? What are parts of our environment? The word environment means simply what is around us. The air we breathe,the soil on which we stand and walk, the water we drink are all parts of the environment.

3 The most serious environmental problems are:
Pollution and its many forms (water pollution, air pollution, nuclear pollution). 2. Global warming . Shortage of natural resources (metal, different kinds of fuel). 4. Destruction of wild life and countryside beauty. The growth of population.

4 Water pollution Nowadays pollution of water is a very important problem. Many rivers, seas, oceans are used as dump for different industrial and nuclear waste. Many fish and sea animals are poisoned. Some of them die, but some can be eaten by people, who can die or have different terrible diseases or problems with their health, too.

5 Global warming The climate on the Earth becomes warmer now. It is so, because of the greenhouse effect, which prevents heat to go from the Earth into space. Some scientists say that if the temperature rises 3-4°, life on the Earth will be impossible.

6 Ozone layers The atmosphere prevents ultraviolet radiation to go to the earth. But today, as a result of air pollution, there are some holes in it. Through these holes ultraviolet radiation can get to the Earth and can cause different skin diseases. That's why we shouldn't stay for a long time in the direct sunlight

7 Disappearing animals The other problem is a problem of disappearing of animals because of bad ecology. Many animals and birds are extinct nowadays: dodo, passenger pigeon, different reptiles, fish, and insects. The main reason of their death is a man, who kills them, destroys their habitats. People hunted different animals for their skin, meat. Many animals are endangered: Indian tigers, African elephants, and different kind of birds, fish, insects and others.

8 The growing population
The Earth is 4,600 millions years old. Modern man has lived on the Earth for only 35,000 years BUT, in that time, we have changed our planet in many ways. In the last 40 years, the population of the world has doubled. By the year 2200, it will probably be 10,000 million. If we don’t change the way we use energy and natural resources, we ‘ll destroy our planet.

9 REDUCE IT! A lot of the rubbish that we throw away is not biodegradable. We also produce a lot of unnecessary things, such as packaging. We should avoid using non-biodegradable material. We should also reduce the amount of unnecessary things that we produce and consume.

10 International green organizations
Nowadays people are worried about the environment and try to solve environmental problems. They create different organizations such as «Green Peace», «World Wild life Fond» etc. The governments also makes different laws to protect our nature. We should develop international cooperation. to be able to solve ecological problems together.

11 RECYCLE IT! Every day we throw away millions of tonnes of rubbish. A lot of this is paper, cardboard, glass and metal that we can use again. We should find ways to recycle the things we can.




15 Resist packaging! Avoid heavily packaged products Buy products sold in refill packs or concentrated products Reuse plastic bags or use robust shopping bags. Resist consumerism! Buy less - do you really need it? Can you use something else? Ask around - does someone have one they don't want? Reuse things - adapt them for a new purpose! Pass them on - to family and friends or to second hand shops.

16 SAVE IT! Many natural resources are not renewable.
Coal, gas, metals and minerals, for example, will finish one day. Other resources take a long time to grow, such as trees, or are not always available, such as water. People should find ways to reduce the amount of resources and energy that we use. We also have to find alternative ways to make energy. We can use the sun, the wind, the sea and the heat of the earth.

17 This is our Mother Earth….
This is what it should look like!

18 The information and the pictures
used in this presentation were taken from the Internet.

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