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Environmental problems

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1 Environmental problems

2 Treat the Earth well. It wasn’t given to you by our parents
Treat the Earth well. It wasn’t given to you by our parents. It was loaned to you by our children. Kenyan proverb

3 Watch the video about environmental problems

4 What have you done for our planet?
Discuss in pairs What have you done for our planet? I’ve always / never……… I’d like other people to……

5 Deforestation Endangered species Pollution Acid rain Global warming Waste Greenhouse effect

6 A video about pollution

7 Air pollution What causes air pollution?
car exhausts emissions from industrial production (factories, power stations) - dust, smoke, smell… Which gases in the air are poisonous? sulphur dioxide (SO2) nitrogen oxide (NO) carbon dioxide (CO2)

8 What does polluted air cause?
health problems climate changes (changes in weather patterns – ice at the North and South Pole melt, sea level rises => flooding)

9 Water pollution What causes water pollution? industrial waste
chemical fertilizers and pesticides oil refineries accidents of huge cargo ships dumping toxic pollutants in the water

10 Waste industrial waste domestic waste litters in the streets


12 Recycling If yes, what? Do you recycle? If not, why?

13 Endangered animals What animals are in danger?

14 Why are the animals in danger?
What are they hunted for?

15 some of the animals have become very rare
and are threatened by extinction (red lists) some animals are protected (bats, rhinoceros, the giant pandas,...), some are bred in captivity for releasing in the wild later, so they have the best chance of survival to save endangered animals, it’s necessary to protect their habitats (=special places where particular animals live) from destruction, they need to live in a balanced community (each animal species is a member of a food chain, if one of them disappears, the system may collapse)

16 Deforestation Why are the trees / rainforests cut down?
What does it cause?

17 rainforests help to control global warming because they absorb carbon dioxide
in recent years large areas of rainforests have been destroyed (trees have been cut down – land / wood is needed for farming, firewood, buildings, furniture => millions of animals and plants are killed too) rainforests grow on poor soils and when they are cut down or burned, the soil is washed away in the tropical rains, and these areas may turn to desert

18 Global warming – greenhouse effect
Explain greenhouse effect global warming is caused by greenhouse effect

19 normally, heat from the sun warms the earth and escapes back into space
several gases, so-called greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide – produced by burning fossil fuels, nitrogen oxides - from car exhausts, CFCs – chlorofluorocarbons from aerosol and refrigerators) go up into the atmosphere and with water vapour prevent heat from escaping because the heat can’t leave, the Earth gets warmer = global warming

20 Acid rain What is acid rain? What does acid rain cause?

21 the smoke which is produced by factories and cars is mixed with water vapour in the atmosphere
they form sulphuric acid and nitric acid sunlight turns these acids into poisonous oxidants which fall in rain or snow onto tress and gradually kill them

22 Solution ? save energy, water use alternative sources of energy
don’t use cars so much recycle (saves energy and raw materials, reduces damages of the countryside sort out the waste (many cities have bottle banks and can banks) use new energy sources, alternative forms of transport buy green products (buy environmentally friendly products which can be recycled) use recyclable paper use deodorant sprays without CFCs protest against pollution, killing animals,…

23 Alternative sources of energy
What are alternative sources of energy? Why do we need them? most of the energy we use today comes form coal, oil and gas, but these will not last forever burning them is slowly harming the atmosphere => need for new ways of supplying energy


25 SOLAR POWER using the sun’s energy as heat or to make electricity WATER POWER generating hydroelectric power from river water in mountain areas electricity can be created from sea water flowing in and out with the tides WIND POWER building modern windmills

26 Environmental groups

27 What can happen?!

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