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Introduction and Overview Thank you! Confidential Information.

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2 Introduction and Overview Thank you! Confidential Information

3 Serving as a Proctor Proctor contact information Monitor examinees Follow check-in procedures Distribute information Return information to headquarters Advise NALA of any problems Collect fees, if applicable

4 Prior to Test Day Information from NALA Instruction booklet Examinee names, dates, times Login information Material to hand to examinees Sign in sheet Essay question All material must be secure and not accessible to examinees or others. Proctor credentials

5 Day of Testing Arrive at test center Examinee check in Authorization to test procedure Monitoring during testing Scratch paper

6 Testing Center Information Sheet

7 Examinee Report Sheet

8 Schedule Report Sheet

9 TesTrac

10 Examinee Sign In

11 Examinee Sign In cont’d

12 Examinee Dashboard

13 Examinee Dashboard – Part 2

14 Examinee Dashboard Proctor Release

15 Examination Question Screen

16 In-progress / Incomplete Exams (Power/Internet Connection Failure)

17 Review & Finish Screen

18 Review & Finish Screen cont’d

19 Results Screen

20 Judgment & Analytical Ability Essay Question

21 Questions from Examinees Questions you can answer Rules of the testing session Information in the proctor instructions booklet Questions you should refer to NALA About the meaning of an exam question Subjects covered by the exam section How exams are graded such as what the grading committee is looking for in an essay answer

22 After the Exam Close browser Collect essays, scratch paper, sign in sheets Prepare for next day If the exam is over: Return essays and sign in sheets Must be originals May charge NALA for shipping We cannot release results without these forms

23 When to advise NALA Emergencies such as power failure When examinee or proctor must leave during testing and cannot return Examinee does not appear at the agreed upon test time Examinee behavior does not comply with the rules Proctor is uncertain about any procedures

24 Emergencies Contact NALA immediately: Marie Greninger 918-587-6828 After hours: 918-636-0178 (Marie Greninger) Technical Support Doug Odell, TesTrac 952-997-0641 or 952-953-6292

25 Questions? Questions and review Recap Proctor credentials

26 Code Enter this code “NALASEPT15” in the subject line of your email to to complete your training. Thank you.

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