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Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) 2015

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1 Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) 2015

2 CogAT Test Configuration*
Battery (Test Area) Items Working Time Verbal 65 30 minutes** Quantitative 60 Nonverbal *Please follow the schedule on page 12 of the DFA. **Schedule roughly 45 minutes to administer each battery

3 Administration Schedule Grade 2
Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) Grade 2 Monday, March 16- Wednesday March 18, 2015 A school may administer more than one battery a day, if necessary. Make-Up Administrations: Thursday, March 19, 2015

4 Students To Be Tested CogAT All Grade 2 Students (March)
Visually impaired students may be exempt Opt-out procedure for parent refusal

5 Administration Accommodations
Who is eligible? ESE students with current IEPs 504 students ELL students Reasons for accommodations Arrangements made in advance Make a note of the accommodation provided on the Admin Record Contact Psychological Services Dept: (754) for Temporary 504 Plans Extended Time Accommodations are not permitted for CogAt

6 Materials Needed Directions for Administering
Test Booklets (not consumable) and Answer Documents #2 Pencils Clock or watch “Do Not Disturb” signs Several Sheets of Scratch paper for the quantitative battery

7 Answer Documents will be Preid
You will receive preid’d answer documents for use with administering the CogAT. Any student eligible to test that does not have a pre-id answer document must hand-grid (or have hand gridded) an answer document

8 Fields for Hand Gridding
Student Name, Gender, DOB, and SID number must be indicated in their corresponding fields School Number must be indicated in fields A-D in the “Test Administrator Use Only” box. 1 digit per field. CogAT Level must be indicated as Level “A”

9 School Number Gender CogAT Level “A” Date of Birth Name Student ID #

10 Test Invalidation and Security Procedures

11 Test Invalidation Write INVALID across the battery in RED marker for CogAt If any of the following occurs: Cheating or disruptive behavior Illness during testing Incorrect time Transcribe all non-invalidated batteries (if any) onto a new sheet and submit for scoring. Keep the invalidated answer document on site.

12 Administration Record
Maintain a record of ALL Students Assigned to Testing Room Attendance Information: (P) Present (PI) Present but Invalidated (A) Absent (W) Withdrawn Note ESE and ELL students’ accommodations Use a Class Roster to record this information Keep a copy of the forms and return the originals to Student Assessment & Research

13 Test Security Do NOT Reveal or copy test items
Interpret items for students Change or interfere with student responses Fail to follow security procedures and test administration directions “Teach the Test”

14 Test Security Additional proctors when testing 25 or more students
NEVER leave materials unsecured Collect materials daily Place materials in locked storage If materials are missing or test books have been written in, initiate a thorough investigation IMMEDIATELY contact Student Assessment at (754)

15 Test Administrator Responsibilities

16 Test Administrator Responsibilities
Before Testing: Assemble materials & Prepare room for testing Remove or cover all visual aids Check hand gridded documents for errors Distribute test materials Familiarize yourself with the Directions for Administration Read scripts verbatim (Level A) Inform students to try and answer every question During Testing: Ensure test security Ensure students are not writing in books.

17 Test Administrator Responsibilities
After Testing: Collect materials Check student grid sheets and test books Notify School Coordinator of any missing materials or test books that have been written in Complete Administration record

18 Test Administrator Material Return
Stack materials in this order: Absent students (hold for make-up) TO BE SCORED test materials Directions for Administering Administration Record All NOT TO BE SCORED materials

19 School Testing Coordinator Responsibilities

20 School Coordinator Responsibilities
Before Testing: Receive and inventory test materials. Remember you will only receive answer documents. You should be reusing your test books from last year for additional answer documents. Train Test Administrators and Proctors Arrange for implementation of accommodations Assign proctors

21 School Coordinator Responsibilities
During Testing: Supervise test administration Maintain test security Supervise make-up administrations

22 School Coordinator Responsibilities
After Testing: Verify return of all secure materials Notify Student Assessment & Research of any missing materials or if test books have been written in Check and photocopy Administration Record Inventory and store reusable test materials in a secure area. Inform your Principal where they are located….

23 CogAT Material Return Form
Complete one form for CogAt Grade 2: This form will be ed to you from the Student Assessment department Indicate the, school number, school name and number of TO BE SCORED documents- Fax a copy to Student Assessment at on the last day of the assessment window. Do not use the Building Identification Sheet or Grade/Class identification sheet if they are provided with your materials

24 School Coordinator Material Return (CogAT)
Stack materials in this order: CogAt TO BE SCORED (RED label) answer documents with materials return form CogAt Administration Records

25 Material Pick-UP Grade 2
Return ALL CogAT Materials via Pony on: Monday, March 30th Materials may be returned early (March 20th) if all testing is complete at your school. TRADITIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOLS- Materials that are not returned by pony on Monday, March 30th MUST be hand-delivered to the office of Student Assessment & Research CHARTER SCHOOLS- Materials MUST be hand-delivered to the office of Student Assessment & Research on Monday, March 30th.

26 Department of Math, Science and Gifted
Contact Information Student Assessment and Research (754) Department of Math, Science and Gifted (754)

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