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2014 Act Aspire test Training Bush Hills Academy Library Monday, March 10, 2014.

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1 2014 Act Aspire test Training Bush Hills Academy Library Monday, March 10, 2014

2 Act Aspire Agenda  Testing Schedule  Testing Logistics & Roles  Testing Procedures  Cell Phone Policy  Irregularity Reports  Review of Room Supervisor Manuals  Testing Security Contracts  Questions & Answers

3  Test Coordinator-Tikki Hines  Report any irregularities to Principal and me immediately Primary contact for this assessment:

4  Tuesday, April 29 th Aspire Reading   Thursday, May 1 st Aspire Mathematics  Tuesday, May 6 th Aspire Writing  Wednesday, May 7 th ACT Quality Core (8 th Grade Pre- AP Class Only)  Tuesday, May 13 th Alabama Science Assessment (5 th and 7 th Grade Only) Testing Schedule

5  The ACT Aspire/Quality Core/ Alabama Science Assessment must remain secure at all times  Each person involved with testing must sign a test security contract. Test Security Contracts and Test Security

6  Proctors  Hall Monitors  Volunteers Training of staff and additional staff to cover absences

7  Aspire Booklets have pre-printed information.  Each subject may have blank documents which will need to be labeled by Room Supervisor prior to testing. Teachers will need to bubble information during prep period in the counselor’s office. Labels

8 Read and Understand Alerts The alerts have been updated!!!

9 Students & Teachers ALSDE Cell Phone/Digital Device in Testing Setting Policy Must be Shared prior to testing

10 New Alabama Department of Education Cell Phone / Digital Device Policy  The possession of digital devices (including by not limited to cell phones, MP# players, cameras, mobile entertainment, social connections, navigation devices or other telecommunication devices) is strictly prohibited in the testing setting. Local education agency school personnel will collect devices before students can enter the testing room.  If a device is in the possession of a student in the testing setting, testing for the student will cease, the device will be confiscated and is subject to search, the student will be dismissed from testing, and the student’s test will be invalidated.  School personnel involved in administration of state testing may not use digital devices during test administration. Violations may result in disciplinary action/certification revocation. Additional disciplinary action may be taken by the LEA.

11  Only distribute materials for the exact number of students being tested in each classroom.  All times are exact. No additional time given unless specified in IEP/PEP.  Room supervisor may write the beginning and ending times on the board. Times must be documented on front of manual as well.  Students cannot read a book or work on anything when they finish. Classroom Guidelines

12  Rooms must have either removed or covered any information that would enhance a student’s performance.  Classroom Telephones  No copier in classroom (33)  No scanner or ink jet printer (Collect cables)  Check day before testing Check the Classrooms

13  All students who are eligible to test must be tested.  Students who arrive late must be tested. Late students will report to library.  Take attendance each day.  Parents must be notified if student is at school and is not testing. Attendance

14  Test Booklets and Answer documents should be verified at time of signing materials out from Test Coordinator.  There are NO Reference sheets for grades 7 & 8 for Math.  Test Booklets are black and white. Answer Documents are color coded. There is an answer document and Test Booklet for Each subject and grade level.

15  Only the number of tests for those students present each day  Teachers may not have an extra test booklet No extra tests in classrooms

16 Students must never transport answer sheets or tests

17  Need to report to homeroom then small group Room Supervisors will escort them to their testing location.  Accommodations only for 504, ESL, and special education students. Testing Students In Small Groups

18  Do not test at tables unless students have petitions. Do not test at tables

19 If a student bubbles one answer on the answer document it is scored.

20 If a student finishes early. They may check over their work. Students cannot read or do anything else until time is called.

21  Eat  Drink  Chew gum While Testing Students are not allowed:

22  Make-ups will be necessary  Begin make-ups the first day students are back Schools must test 100% of students in subject for State Accountability

23  Do not mark special codes on the answer document until testing is completed. Special codes

24 Thank you for all the hard work you do in helping our students to be successful. ANY QUESTIONS?

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