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The Baldrige Model of Performance Excellence

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1 The Baldrige Model of Performance Excellence
A framework for continuous improvement

2 A trilogy… Part I – Introduction (7/12/04)
Part II – Baldrige in the Classroom (7/26/04) Part III – Baldrige and the Board (8/16/04)

3 Part I - Introduction The Baldrige Model of Performance Excellence
Prepared for: The Cedar Rapids Community Schools Board of Education July 12, 2004

4 So What is Baldrige Anyway?
A measure of system parts and connections How good are the parts? How good are the connections between the parts? A blueprint for building good, well-connected parts A process for determining which parts and which connections add value and which do not

5 Performance Excellence
Is the result of continual improvement driven by customer needs, expectations, and requirements Is the result of getting better and knowing that you have

6 Random Acts of Improvement
Aim of the Organization Goals and Measures Random Acts of Improvement

7 Aligned Acts of Improvement
School Improvement Plan = Programs and processes GOALS

8 Examples of aligned arrows...
Requisitions Employee Evaluation Hiring Curriculum (e.g. grade 3 math; hs American History) Effective Instruction Strategies School Improvement Plans

9 Alignment between Systems
Student Classroom School District State

10 Performance Excellence Based upon the following assumptions:
People want to do the right thing and want to be successful 95% of the problems workers face are the result of the system- and leadership has a responsibility to fix the system Fixing one part of the system is necessary but not sufficient for performance excellence

11 Putting Together The Pieces The 7 Baldrige Categories
Leadership Strategic Planning Student/Stakeholder Focus Information and Analysis Human Resource Focus Process Management Performance Results

12 Student, Stakeholder & Market Information & Analysis
Leadership BALDRIGE CRITERIA Strategic ‘Above the Line’ Strategic Planning Student, Stakeholder & Market Focus Strategic Performance Results Process Human Resource Focus Process Management Information & Analysis Operational ‘Below the Line’ CORE VALUES Adapted from BiE IN Baldrige Model

13 Category 1 Leadership Requires leaders to set and communicate direction consistent with stakeholder requirements How do leaders set and communicate direction? How do leaders monitor progress? How do leaders model the use of the principles of quality management?

14 Category 2 Strategic Planning
Translates stakeholder needs into goals, measures and action plans How do we develop goals and measures? How do we implement the plan? How does each individual’s personal goals and actions support the plan?

15 Category 3 Student & Stakeholder Focus
Defines the aim of the district, school or classroom How do we determine student and stakeholder requirements? How do we measure student and stakeholder satisfaction? How do we build positive relationships with students and stakeholders?

16 Category 4 Information & Analysis
Provides the foundation for aligned decision making in all areas of the system How do we select and manage information? How do we select and use comparative data? How do we evaluate and improve information systems?

17 Category 5 Human Resource Focus
Examines how the district, school or classroom enables workers to develop and utilize their full potential How do we ensure collaboration and teamwork? How are workers trained, educated and evaluated? How do we measure and improve employee morale and well-being?

18 Category 6 Process Management
Addresses how educational products and services are designed, implemented and improved How do we design instructional and support processes? How do we continually improve important processes using Plan, Do, Study, Act?

19 Category 7 Performance Results
Examines the district, school or classroom performance in key areas What is the level of baseline performance? What is our performance over time? How do our results compare to similar districts, departments, schools or classrooms

20 The Core Values… Learning - Centered Education Systems Perspective
Visionary Leadership Organizational and Personal Learning Valuing Faculty, Staff and Partners Managing For Innovation Systems Perspective Management By Fact Focus on the Future Public Responsibility & Citizenship Agility Focus on Results and Creating Value

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