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Cedar Rapids Pioneer Group February 8, 2005 Dr. Susan Leddick.

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1 Cedar Rapids Pioneer Group February 8, 2005 Dr. Susan Leddick

2 Leading for High Performance

3 Everythings Up-to-Date in Cedar Rapids! Working at classroom, building, and district levels 2004-05

4 What the District Is Doing Teaching teams of teachers and administrators to use the tools and processes of Action Research in order to make improvements in all three levels of the district system. Emphasizing deployment of school improvement plans – carrying out strategies that have significant impact on student achievement. Expanding impact through the Baldrige framework.

5 Why Action Research? Compatible with adult learning theory Compatible with Iowa Professional Development Model Combines learning and improving Works at any system level, in any setting Research-based; data-driven; system- focused

6 Why Baldrige? Agreed-upon definition of excellence across sectors An integrator Increases scope of leadership view Puts PDSA into perspective

7 Our Year in Brief – Three Ps Purposes –Demonstrate how to convert a classroom from a teaching system to a learning system through use of Baldrige framework –Create a set of high-performing CR demonstration classrooms using the Baldrige framework and PDSA directly with students Preparation –3 training sessions, with support between Presentation (in Baldrige Format) –All-district sharing session in April

8 What You Will Learn ApplicationEngagementSelf-management Data as feedback Improvement Use of Baldrige

9 Assignment for Today Bring in student data folders…

10 Sharing Our Learning: Building the CR Network Post samples of your tables work with students and prepare to describe –How you engaged students –How you are using this work with students regularly –Recommendations you would make to other teachers doing this work

11 Writing Guidelines What guidelines would you create for other teachers who want to use student data folders in the classroom? –Folder design –Folder use –Other issues

12 The April Sharing Event Purpose is to enable sharing of learning and good practice across three levels of learning – beginning AR, continuing AR, and Pioneer (using Baldrige as an integrator of improvements in the classroom). April 19 – details to follow from Jane.

13 The Baldrige Framework at Work in Your Classroom

14 How did you… 1. Act as a leader to create with students a common and compelling sense of purpose in your classroom? 2. Act as a leader to develop specific aligned learning goals with students?

15 Continued… 3. Act as a leader to assure that the specific needs of your students and your school are reflected in your plans?

16 And how did you… 4. Establish a measurement system in the classroom to inform you and students on progress and decisions? 5. Help students develop the skills they will need to fulfill their roles as your partners in the classroom learning system?

17 And how did you… 6. Identify and manage with students the key processes necessary to a high performing classroom? 7. Finally, what results did you and your students see during the year that tell you that your classroom system has improved since the beginning of the year?

18 The Pioneer Story Join a category team. Elect facilitator, recorder, timekeeper. Write a set of recommendations to other teachers based on your collective experience. (~5)

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