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Regional Work & The Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) Sharing with ESC Providers September 22 nd, 2008.

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1 Regional Work & The Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) Sharing with ESC Providers September 22 nd, 2008


3 Core Principles of OIP Treat the district and all its schools as if they are a unit and are part of a state system of public education Use data effectively at each level: classroom, building, district, ESC/SST, state Focus on improving instructional practice and student performance Align improvement efforts Initiate and institute Leadership Team structures and practices

4 OLAC/ OIP Beliefs/Assumptions The purpose of leadership is the improvement of instructional practice and student performance, regardless of role; Ohios leadership system must be anchored in teaching and learning, focused on building community, and directed to ensuring the success of all children; and A common and collective understanding of essential practices or behaviors is needed to create a coherent leadership development system.

5 OLAC Leadership Development Framework Data & the Decision-Making Process Focused Goal Setting Process Instruction & the Learning Process Community Engagement Process Resource Management Process Board Development & (District/Building) Governance Process

6 Our Work with the District Leadership Teams – Primary Functions Building a foundation for data-driven decision making on a system-wide basis; Designing system planning and focused improvement strategies; structures, and processes; Setting performance targets aligned with district goals; Setting up structures to Monitor performance against the targets; Facilitating processes resulting in the selection of high quality PD consistent with district goals; Allocating system resources toward instructional improvement.


8 Decision Framework CCIP Connection Needs Assessment (from Decision Framework) One District Plan: –Goals, strategies, actions steps, fiscal resources Improvement plan components HQT plan components Partnership agreement components One Building Plan (goals/strategies from district) –Add action steps Improvement plan components School-wide components

9 Differentiated Accountability: What does it mean to me?

10 How is it calculated? Step 1: Identify the Buildings in SI status SI status includes buildings that have the following designations: SI – Year 1 through SI Year 9 SI – Year 1 Delay through SI Year 9 Delay SI status does not include At Risk.

11 How is it calculated? Step 2: Gather the Local Report Cards for the SI Buildings and the District Districts and their SI Buildings are considered one unit of analysis The percentage of evaluated cells that show as not met in the District and SI Buildings determines your percentage.

12 What is an evaluated cell?

13 How is it calculated? 1.How many evaluated cells are there in the grid above? 2. How many evaluated cells got a designation of not met? 20…EXCELLENT! 5…PERFECT!

14 The Formula: The number of evaluated cells that received a Not Met designation The total number of evaluated cells = % 20 5 = 25% OR How is it calculated? Step 3: Apply the formula

15 District with SI Building: 34 5 OR 14.71% 20 5 14 0 20 5 14 0 = +

16 How did I become a Tier 1 District? Step 1: Differentiated Accountability Percentage Your percentage was 20% or greater. If lower than 20%, you were not rank ordered among those with higher need

17 How did I become a Tier 1 District? Step 2: Progress of SWDs in Reading and Math Students with Disabilities in your District in Reading and/or Math achievement demonstrated a negative trajectory.

18 State Support Team & Tier 1 Districts What can I expect? Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) facilitation Support for limited areas of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment as determined by regional needs in collaboration with the Regional Advisory Council (RAC). Support for developing capacity to ensure compliance with Special Education requirements.

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