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Sailing Home Unit 5 Week 1.

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1 Sailing Home Unit 5 Week 1

2 Genre – Historical Fiction
Historical fiction is based on real events in history, but it is a story to which the author has added details from his or her imagination.

3 Vocabulary Strategy – Homonyms/Homographs
Homonyms are spelled and pronounced the same, but they are words with different meanings and histories. Homographs are spelled the same but are pronounced differently and have different meanings.

4 Comprehension Skill – Author’s Purpose
An author might have more than one reason for writing a story. Four common reasons are to persuade, to inform, to entertain, and to express ideas and feelings.

5 Comprehension Strategy – Predict
Good readers think about the author’s purpose of a story. Before you read an article or a story, look it over to predict the author’s purpose so you will have an idea of how to read the piece. While you read, use the author’s purpose to predict what he or she might write next.

6 Bow Cargo Celestial Conducted Dignified Navigation Quivered Stern
Vocabulary Bow Cargo Celestial Conducted Dignified Navigation Quivered Stern

7 Bow Front or forward part of a ship, boat, or aircraft

8 Cargo Loads of goods carried by a ship, plane, or truck; freight

9 Celestial Of the sky or outer space; heavenly

10 Conducted Directed; managed

11 Dignified Being noble or stately

12 Navigation Skill or process of finding a ship’s or aircraft’s position and course

13 Quivered Shook; shivered; trembled

14 Stern The rear or back part of a ship or boat

15 When the ship carried coal, the children lived ashore because the coal -
Was a very dangerous cargo Filled every room of the ship Took a long time to transport

16 Which of these events happened last in our story?
The family had picnics in Japan The youngest child Ena was born Albert began skipping school

17 The children probably got their animals -
As gifts from family members From countries they visited As payment for doing their chores

18 How were Albert and Miss Shipman alike?
They were strong-minded They were hard-working They were kind-hearted

19 Which of these events happened first in the story?
The storm in the China Sea damaged the ship Miss Shipman and the children sat on the floor The children helped tie the furniture to the railing

20 The mother in this story can best be described as --
Practical Foolish Lonely

21 Which of these happened after Captain Masden became a steamship captain?
The governess came aboard to be the teacher The children lived on land all the time The mother gave birth to baby Ena

22 What happened when the John Ena “quivered a strange quiver and slowly righted herself?”
The boat shook and then straightened up The boat sped through the water and then stopped The boat rocked to one side and then the other

23 In what way was the crew like a family to the children in the story?
They watched over the children to make sure they did not get hurt

24 What is the most likely reason the Madsen family chose Hawaii for their home?
It was surrounded by the ocean.

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