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The Horned Toad Prince Unit 1 Week 4.

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1 The Horned Toad Prince Unit 1 Week 4

2 Genre – Modern Fairy Tale
Modern fairy tales are fairy tales that are set in modern times. Like all fairy tales, they are stories with magical characters and events.

3 Vocabulary Strategy – Synonyms
Sometimes when you are reading, you see a word you don’t know. The author may use a synonym for that word. A synonym is a word that has almost the same meaning as another word.

4 Comprehension Skill – Author's Purpose
An author may write to persuade, inform, entertain, or express ideas or feelings. Often an author has more than one purpose.

5 Comprehension Strategy – Story Structure
Active readers note the structure of fictional stories. Problem or Goal of the Story Rising Action (Building up to the Climax) Climax (Where the Conflict is Confronted) Outcome (Where the Conflict is Resolved)

6 Prairie Lassoed Riverbed Favor Offended Shrieked Bargain
Vocabulary Prairie Lassoed Riverbed Favor Offended Shrieked Bargain

7 Prairie Plain

8 Lassoed Caught with ropes

9 Riverbed Channel for water

10 Favor Kind act

11 Offended Upset

12 Bargain Deal

13 Shrieked Screamed

14 Why did the author tell us about how Reba Jo liked to spend her time?
To persuade the reader to start roping To inform the reader on how to use a lasso To introduce an unusual character in the story

15 When Reba Jo said that she would “be in a peck of trouble”, what does “peck” mean?
A basket full A large amount An unusual type

16 At first, Reba Jo wanted to stay near the riverbed to…
Lasso a vulture Get her hat Find a talking horned toad

17 What happened right before the horned toad spoke to Reba Jo?
The vulture flew away. A prairie storm blew in. Reba Jo lost her hat in the well.

18 Which helps the read to know that the setting of this story took place in a desert?
Reba Jo lost her hat in a well. Reba Jo gave the horned toad chili to eat. Reba Jo liked to lasso cacti.

19 Why did Reba Jo agree to do three favors for the horned toad?
She wanted to get her hat from the well. She wanted him to do more things for her. She had an idea that he might really be a prince.

20 What was the last favor the horned toad asked for?
To sing him a song To let him sleep in her hat To give him a kiss

21 When was the prince turned into a horned toad?
At the end of the story Many years before the story began Before he came to this country

22 What is the most important lesson that Reba Jo learns in this story?
Respect your parents Keep your promises Always try your best

23 Why did the author write this story?
To entertain with a funny story To persuade readers to travel to the desert To show why Reba Jo does not like horned toads

24 Why did the toad speak Spanish?
He was a Spanish prince.

25 Why did the prince leave Reba Jo so suddenly?
He wanted to make a point about keeping your promises.

26 What was the ONE clue that this story is a fantasy?
The horned toad talked.

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