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Amelia and Eleanor Unit 5 Week 3.

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1 Amelia and Eleanor Unit 5 Week 3

2 Genre – Historical Fiction
Historical fiction is set in the past. The characters may be based on real people who lived at that time. Eleanor Roosevelt Amelia Earhart

3 Vocabulary Strategy –Context Clues
Sometimes you can use context clues – the words and sentences around an unknown word – to help you figure out the meaning of the word.

4 Comprehension Skill - Sequence
Sequence means the order in which things happen. Look for clue words that signal sequence, such as first, next, then, and last. Pay attention to dates and times the author gives you Notice that some events happen simultaneously, or at the same time.

5 Comprehension Strategy – Story Structure
Good readers use the structure of an article or a story to help them understand what they are reading. Making a time line of what you are reading is a good strategy to help you understand. Study any illustrations to help you understand the sequence of the story.

6 Aviator Brisk Cockpit Daring Elegant Outspoken Solo
Vocabulary Aviator Brisk Cockpit Daring Elegant Outspoken Solo

7 Outspoken Direct; not reserved

8 Daring Bold; fearless; courageous

9 Aviator Person who flies an aircraft; airplane pilot

10 Solo Alone; without another person

11 Cockpit Area for the pilot; place where the pilot sits in a plane

12 Brisk Chilly

13 Elegant Stylish; Having or showing good taste

14 Amelia flew and Eleanor drove because it --
Was the practical thing to do Made them seem more daring Made them feel independent

15 Before Amelia attended the dinner at the White House, she -
Taught Eleanor to fly Flew over the Atlantic Ocean Bought a new car for the President

16 The author probably wrote this story to --
To explain how to fly a twin-motor airplane at night To describe the lifestyle of the President and his wife Tell about a friendship between two famous women

17 From information in the story, you can conclude that Amelia and Eleanor --
Already knew each other before the dinner party Had only read about each other in the newspaper Were childhood friends that had grew up together

18 What can you tell about Eleanor from her decision to fly to Baltimore?
She loved flying more than anything else. She conquered her fear of flying. She trusted Amelia’s skills as a pilot.

19 Why did a reporter ask Eleanor if she had felt safe during the flight?
It was unusual for a woman to be pilot She had never been on an airplane before No one had ever flown at night before

20 The job the Secret Service men had was to --
To prepare the meal for the party To answer questions from reporters To make sure Eleanor was safe

21 Why did Amelia and Eleanor go for a car ride before dessert?
Amelia had never been in a fast car in her life They wanted to compare a plane ride and a car ride immediately The dinner’s main course was finished, but the dessert hadn’t been made yet

22 When Amelia and Eleanor returned from their flight, the reporters were waiting because they knew the women had -- Done something unusual Managed to avoid them earlier Crash landed the airplane

23 Why did Amelia turn off the lights in the plane?
She did not want the lights to interfere with the view of the night sky and the ground below.

24 In what way were Amelia and Eleanor alike that made them different from most other women during this time period? They liked to do things that most other women thought were too dangerous.

25 Which two events in the story were the most exciting for Amelia and Eleanor?
The two most exciting events were the plane ride and the car ride.

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