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Grace and the Time Machine

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1 Grace and the Time Machine
Unit 2 Week 3

2 Genre -- Play A play has all the elements of a story – characters, setting, plot, and theme – but it doesn’t look like a story because it is written to be performed. Insert a map of your country.

3 Vocabulary Strategy -- Prefixes
Sometimes when you are reading, you come to a word you do not know. See if the word has a prefix. Prefixes are letters added to the beginning of a word that change its meaning. * For example, the prefix re- means “again.” If you retie a knot, you tie it again. 1. Cover the prefix. 2. Look at the base word. See if you know what it means. 3. Add the meaning of the prefix. 4. Check to see if this meaning makes sense in the sentence. Insert a picture of one of the geographic features of your country.

4 Comprehension Skill – Draw Conclusions
Facts and details are the small pieces of information in an article or story. Facts and details “add up” to a conclusion – a decision or opinion the author or the reader forms that must make sense. Conclusion Facts and Details Facts and Details Insert a picture illustrating a season in your country.

5 Comprehension Strategy – Answer Questions
Good readers can support their conclusions with facts and details. If you are asked questions about conclusions you draw, you should answer them using the facts and details. Some answers are in the text in one place. Others are in the text but in different places. Some answers combine the text with what you already know. Some answers you just know or can find out. Insert a picture of an animal and or plant found in your country.

6 Vocabulary Aboard Awkward Reseats Miracle Chant Vehicle Mechanical
Capable Atlas Add key points in the history of your country to the timeline.

7 Aboard On board; in or on a ship, train, bus, airplane, etc.
Insert a picture illustrating a custom or tradition here.

8 Atlas Book of Maps Insert a picture of the head leader of your country.

9 Awkward Not graceful or skillful in movement or shape
Insert a picture that illustrates some part of your country’s economy.

10 Capable Being able, efficient, and competent
Insert a picture of one of the points of interest for your country.

11 Chant Repeat the same words over and over

12 Mechanical Works by machine

13 Miracle Remarkable event

14 Reseats To sit down again

15 Vehicle Device for carrying people, or things, such as a car, bus, airplane, etc

16 How did Grace show she was capable of taking good care of Nana?
Showing her atlas to Nana Pouring a cup of coffee for Nana Inviting Mrs. Myerson to visit Nana

17 What did Grace’s Mom mean when she told her not to leave her house in “shambles?”
Don’t lose anything Don’t make a mess Don’t have friends over

18 How were the imaginary trips to The Gambia and Trinidad alike?
Someone from the present time interrupted both trips Mrs. Myerson suggested both trips to the children Nana took both trips with the children

19 Which of the following was the most exciting event in this story?
Nana walked on crutches because she broke her ankle. Grace and her friends traveled in a time machine. Grace went outside to play with her friends.

20 Why did Kester say he didn’t suggest traveling in the future?
The time machine only works in the past. The children had a bad experience there. They might accidentally change the past.

21 What important lesson did this story teach about inventions?
Inventions have to be useful It costs a lot of money for inventions Inventions are only created by adults.

22 How did Nana feel when Mrs. Myerson joined the children?
Awkward Astonished Disappointed

23 What did you conclude about Mrs
What did you conclude about Mrs. Myerson when she traveled through time with the children? She trusted Grace and her friends She always enjoyed exciting adventures She had never used her imagination before

24 From the events described in this story, what could you conclude about time travel?
There would be good and bad things about traveling through time

25 How were the imaginary trips to Trinidad and Heidelberg alike?
The trip to Trinidad allowed Nana to relive happy memories from her childhood, and the trip to Heidelberg allowed Mrs. Myerson to relive happy memories from her childhood.

26 How might Mrs. Myerson’s imaginary trip to the past affect her present life?
She enjoyed her trip to the past and those happy memories might help her feel happier in her present life

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