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Because of Winn-Dixie Unit 1 Week 1.

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1 Because of Winn-Dixie Unit 1 Week 1

2 Genre – Realistic Fiction
Realistic Fiction has characters and events that are like people and events in real life.

3 Vocabulary Strategy - Suffixes
Suppose you are reading and come to a word you don’t know. Does the word have –ful or –al at the end? You can use the suffix to help you figure out the word’s meaning. The suffix –ful can make a word mean “full of ___”, as in careful. The suffix – al can make a word mean “ of or like _____” as in fictional

4 Comprehension Skill - Sequence
Events in a story occur in a certain order, or sequence. The sequence of events can be important to understanding a story. Sometimes events in a story can be told out of sequence. Something that happened earlier may be told after something that happened later.

5 Comprehension Strategy - Summarize
Good readers summarize. As they read, they pause to sum up the important ideas or events. This helps them to remember the information. As you read, think about the main events that occur.

6 Grand Selecting Memorial Peculiar Positive Prideful Recalls
Vocabulary Grand Selecting Memorial Peculiar Positive Prideful Recalls

7 Memorial Monument

8 Selecting To pick or to choose

9 Prideful Vain

10 Peculiar Strange, Odd, or Different

11 Recalls Remember

12 Positive Certain or For Sure

13 Grand Wonderful

14 What happened in the story BEFORE Opal found Winn-Dixie?
She made a new friend. She moved to Naomi, Florida. She took her dog to the library.

15 Where does this story take place?
Amanda’s house At school Miss Franny’s library

16 What was the author’s purpose for writing this story?
To entertain us with a funny story To tell us what Florida used to be like To compare dogs with bears

17 The reader can tell that Miss Franny --
Wanted Amanda to meet Opal Liked spending time with Amanda Was tired of hearing Amanda brag

18 What is the author’s purpose for telling how the men once teased Miss Franny?
To show that everyone was trying to find the bear To explain why Miss Franny was afraid of the bear To show that people thought the bear story was funny

19 When Miss Franny was like a child, how was she like Amanda?
She acted like she knew everything She wanted to have a dog for a pet She liked helping the librarian

20 Why did Miss Franny look sad after telling her story?
She was scared the bear would come back She was worried about Winn-Dixie She missed the friends she once had

21 What happened at the same time Amanda walked into the library?
Amanda thought she saw a bear Winn-Dixie barked at Amanda Miss Franny and Opal became friends

22 How are Miss Franny and Opal alike?
They both like to read, and they are both lonely.

23 What is the most important thing that happened because of Winn-Dixie?
Opal made her first friend in Naomi, Florida.

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