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Classroom Rules and Procedures Mrs. Deans Class Fall/Spring MCHS.

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1 Classroom Rules and Procedures Mrs. Deans Class Fall/Spring MCHS

2 ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINKS IN THIS CLASSROOM AT ANY TIME. Cannot have food or drinks in backpacks either. Dispose of all food and drinks upon entering classroom.

3 Be on time. 1 st Tardy- Counts as 1 day towards exemption 2 nd Tardy- Counts as 2 nd day towards exemption. 3 rd Tardy- Not exempt. 4 th Tardy- Detention.

4 Always be prepared for class. Bring your book, paper, pencil, pen, notebook, and any other required item to every class.

5 Use appropriate language

6 Speak ONLY when you have been given permission. (raise your hand first). Excessive talking will not be tolerated.

7 Sit in your assigned seat

8 Turn in homework when the teacher calls for it.

9 It is your responsibility to make sure all make-up work is completed. Check white board in front of room.

10 You will be allowed to leave class 2 times per nine weeks. Must have teacher's permission. MAXIMUM OF 2 PASSES PER 9 weeks

11 No sharing or stealing of answers on homework or on a test.

12 Do not write on desktops. Keep desk area clean.

13 Do not throw objects of any kind.

14 Keep desk area clean.


16 Ugly Words- Sucks Screw Shut up Butt

17 Pet Peeves Talking while Im talking. Talking when someone enters the classroom. Acting ugly when I have a substitute. These are major infractions and will be dealt with accordingly.

18 Class Format – Class will consist of lecture and informal discussions. You are required to take notes during PowerPoint presentations. Active student participation is required.

19 Course Requirements 1.Attend class and be prepared to participate in class discussions. 2.Keep a notebook containing all work. 3.Turn in all assignments on due date.

20 Evaluation Grades will consist of projects, worksheets, class work, posters, tests, quizzes, and other assignments.

21 9 weeks grade 65%- test grades 35%- other

22 Final Grade for 9 Week Classes- 85%- 9 week grade 15%- Final Exam Final Grade for 18 Week Classes- 42.5%-1 st Nine Weeks 42.5%-2 nd Nine Weeks 15%- Final Exam

23 Make Up Work- School board policy requires make up work to be completed within 10 school days. My make up day is Tuesday mornings before school.

24 1 st Period Class- All forms are due ASAP!! Dont forget!!!

25 Important Reminders No headphones. No cell phones. Body piercing.

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