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Verbs: Regular Present

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1 Verbs: Regular Present
Conjugation of –ar verbs in Spanish

2 Present Tense Verbs The present tense in Spanish is equivalent to the present tense in English, although it has only a one word translation. In English the present tense is translated by: (1) verb meaning; (2) is, am, are + verb + ing; or (3) do/does + verb. However, all of theses are just a one word / verb translation in Spanish.

3 Examples (Por ejemplo):
*Hablo (I speak, I **am speaking, I **do speak) Beben (they drink, they are drinking, they do drink) Viven (they live, they are living, they do live)

4 Regular Present Tense continued
*Subject pronouns (yo, tú, él, etc.) are not always necessary; they are used for clarification and emphasis. ** Students learning Spanish must be careful not to translate the helping verbs in English into Spanish.

5 Verbs: Regular Tense/-ar
The –ar verbs in the present tense are formed by taking the stem of the infinitive (habl-) and adding special endings, depending on the subject. Thus, just by hearing the endings of the verbs, it’s possible to infer the subject even without a pronoun. The stem is what is left over after taking off the –ar from the infinitive

6 Verbs: Regular Tense/-ar
(Yo) Hablo (Tú) Hablas Ud. Él Habla Ella Nosotros(as) Hablamos Vosotros(as) Habláis Ustedes (Uds) Ellos Hablan Ellas

7 Verbs: Regular Tense/-ar
Cantar (To sing) Tocar (to play; to touch) Saltar (To jump) Pasar (To spend) Esquiar (To ski) Tomar (To take lessons) Llegar (To arrive) Ganar (To win) Manejar (To drive)

8 Verbs: Regular Tense/-ar
Buscar (To look for) Mirar (To look at) Andar (To gait, to pace, to walk) Caminar (To walk) Viajar (To travel) Aconsejar (To advise, To counsel) Acelerar (To accelerate, To speed, To hasten) Acabar (To finish, to end, to complete) Terminar (To end, to terminate, to finish) Suspirar (To sigh)

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