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Bailar cantar Verbos “ar’ Maestra Diaz Español 2 escuchar patinar.

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1 bailar cantar Verbos “ar’ Maestra Diaz Español 2 escuchar patinar

2 Objective By the end of this lesson you will be able to conjugate “ar” ending verbs and be able to tell what you do and what other people do as well.

3 What is an infinitive? An infinitive is the most basic form of a verb.
In English the “to” in front of the verb, makes it an infinitive.

4 Infinitives

5 What is a regular verb? “ar” verbs are regular verb because they follow a predictable patterns. The pattern that a verb follows depends on the last 2 letters of the infinitive form of the verb.

6 What is a conjugation? A conjugation is placing the right form of a verb with its subjects pronouns. For example, in English the following is a conjugation : I am because “am” only can be used with the subject “I” Another example: He sings is the correct form of the verb “to sing” for the subject “he” (all of these is called conjugation)

7 To conjugate “ar” verbs just follow the these steps…

8 Steps 1 Remove the “ar” ending from the infinitive (verb) What is left is called the stem or base of the verb.

9 Step 2: place the following ending to the base




13 Connecting the dots Lets conjugate the verb “to speak” which is “hablar” remember you need to remove the “ar” from the verb and place the endings that I just gave you on the back of the stem

14 Conjugation of the verb “hablar”
yo hablo tú hablas usted él habla ella nosotros hablamos nosotras ustedes ellos hablan ellas

15 Your turn to conjugate- will be collected
What is a conjugation? Provide examples in both English and Spanish. How many types of verbs are there in Spanish? Which one are those? How do you conjugate in Spanish? Look over your notes and find 7 verbs that ends in “ar” and conjugate them.

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